Acrobatics Workshop at Green Camp

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Educational programs for children with a focus on the Circus and the art of Acrobatics.

The Acrobatics and Circus Workshop “Circ o’Clock” and the artistic couple of Fabrica Athens, Mr and Mrs Bubble, were hosted in the favorite camp of Ilia, Green Camp!

The intrepid campers came in contact with the art of circus and acrobatics: stilts, hula hoop, ground acrobatics, acrobatics in pairs, walking globe and juggling are some of the fields that little friends explored.

Through the world of circus, children test their limits, trust themselves and their friends, learn discipline through play, but also new skills in a collaborative atmosphere. Skills that enhance their physical flexibility, mind and imagination.

For more information about the educational programs of Fabrica Events visit the following link:
For the Green Camp children’s camp:


Bubble Show at Cosmopolis – Kavala Ethnic Festival

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An interactive Bubble Show with elements of Circus Theater in the summer Cosmopolis.

The Interactive Show with Soap Bubbles “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show” returns to Cosmopolis – Kavala Ethnic Festival. Mr and Mrs Bubble hosted the Festival’s guests in the surreal world of the soap bubble. The two heroes made a stop with the wandering planet Bourboulithra in the yard of the 7th Elementary School and shared with their guests the joy of living here and now, like a soap bubble. The 2nd Festival Cosmopolis acrobatized between countless bubbles and turned into an elusive, colorful landscape of transformation. The spectators and co-creators of the show were seduced into this transparent game and were trapped inside a huge soap bubble, literally.

Before this special show, the Fabrica Athens team chanted the start of the bubble show and welcomed the audience with vivid stilts and a vintage gentleman bike. Young and old played with them, took many photos and created a family, festive, soapy atmosphere.

For more information about Cosmopoli – Kavala Ethnic Festival visit the following website:

La Portena Tango (ARG)


All Inside the Bubbles

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A little Water and Soap is enough for a trip to the imagination!

A dream world of bubbles unfolds for the children’s smiles of ELEPAP – Society for the Rehabilitation and Protection of Disabled Children! Mr and Mrs Bubble, at the invitation of a strong and dear mom, scatter myriad bubbles in the hearts of their little friends and become wandering Soap-bubble dreamers!

The soap bubble show Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show, based on the art of circus, mime, body-building theater and the scientific field of bubbleology, is a special bubble show aimed at all age and social groups. The transparent world of bubbles creates a colorful landscape of transformation that travels the viewer and makes him a co-creator of interactive performance.

Many thanks to the Moon for this wonderful trip that gave us through the eyes of dwarf spectators!


Children! Let’s go to the Square!

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A unique Bubble Show in the Park

The Municipality of Ilioupolis, aiming at entertaining children in creative and imaginative ways and in getting to know and utilizing the public space, organizes special events with free entrance for parents and children, entitled “Children, let’s go to the square”.

The artistic couple Mr and Mrs Bubble, on Monday, June 18, inaugurated the renewed Javelin Park, dedicating the show with the bubbles to the enthusiastic audience, who honored with their presence this new oasis of the city. After a scientific study on this public space, new know-how gym equipment was installed, a basketball court, a playground, while at the same time the healthy part of the forest and the ravine that passes through it were preserved. The soap bubbles scattered by the pioneers of bubble performing in Greece, came to highlight the natural landscape of the park and to enchant the families of the municipality!

The Municipality of Ilioupolis created another green park for the young and old citizens of the city! Javelin Park has opened its doors and invites the summer residents of the municipality to moments of relaxation, play and physical exercise!

Remaining in the city of Athens, prepare the picnic basket and enjoy a family day next to the ravine!


Celebration in the Municipality of Ag. Barbara

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The Municipality of Agia Varvara celebrates Mother’s Day!

On Sunday, May 13, young and old met in the Mother Grove to honor and celebrate mothers around the world. The Municipality of Agia Varvara in the spring landscape of the park carried out various kinds of activities, free of charge to the public, enlivening its neighborhood.

Supporters, guests and co-creators of this celebration, the young dancers of the Municipal Kindergartens with traditional dances of Greece, the Theatrical Group “Explorations” of KEFA, the Center of Fine Arts with a workshop for making a gift for mom, the Children’s Department of Traditional X with traditional rocking and Flora Cherubheim with a concert dedicated to the mother. In addition, moms and kids were able to enjoy professional makeup and unique face painting.

The party was closed by Mr and Mrs Bubble with the special Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show. The Mother Park was filled with countless soap bubbles, smiles, but also happy voices of young and old as they landed in huge bubbles. Once again the bubbles left an unforgettable memory in the families of St. Barbara, waiting for their next meetings.


“I Agkalia” for the Mother

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Hug with mom and plenty of bubbles!

Mr and Mrs Bubble celebrate Mother’s Day with the “Agkalia” – Unborn Child Protection Association at the “AVENUE” mall.

The association “I Agkalia” and its volunteers, from Tuesday 08 to Saturday 12 May, collected essential items for mothers and children in need. The visitors of the AVENUE shopping center offered food, toys, milk, diapers, cots, strollers and other baby care items for the “I Agkalia” Association.

In addition, on the last day of the five-day celebration “I Agkalia” welcomed her little friends and their little angels with musical toys, clowns, juggling, constructions, painting, gifts and of course soap bubbles! The artistic team Mr and Mrs Bubble performed with stilts and bubbles, which impressed the guests of “Agkalia” and offered moments of childhood and spontaneity to their passing visitors.

To learn more about “Agalia” visit its website:


Soap bubbles at the Folia ton Ku Ku

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Bubbles in the… air!

Mr and Mrs Bubble travel to the television sets and are hosted at the Folia ton Ku Ku. Their hosts are Katerina Karavatou, Krateros Katsoulis and their company. The guest soap bubble poets trap the TV family in huge soap bubbles, sharing with them a dreamy, transparent world.

Since 2012, the pioneers of the soap bubble in Greece, through the world of circus, bubbleology and theater, enchant young and old spectators. Audiences and performers rope between countless bubbles that break the boundaries of dream and reality. Today on the show, the art team presented a small part of its spectacular and fantastic bubble show, which travels around the world. The wandering show with the soap bubbles unfolds its bubbles once again, as everywhere and always.


The Circus of our Heart

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The Futbatcute Circus in Peristeri of our Heart.

A spectacular Variete under the supervision of Fabrica Athens at the Exhibition Hall of the Municipality of Peristeri on February 18, 2018 from 12:00 to 14:00.

Futbatcute Circus welcomes you to the unforgettable weather of the Circus. Where for a fleeting moment the dream becomes life and life becomes a dream. A dream that we become children again and in front of us unfolds a bright, unreal world, made of love and stardust. A breathtaking encounter with creatures. Creatures hovering, swirling and balancing in the sky. An inverted reality, spinning galaxies, invisible protagonists and colorful stories of a forgotten secret.

Mr and Mrs Bubble – Φάνης Κατέχος, Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti
Nutellina – Katerina Lalou
Angie and Luigie – Polychronis Tomboris, Angeliki Merentiti
Lia Bade
Konstantinos Konstantinidis
Tina Gourzi
Phaedra Aristopoulou

Act Included:
Soap bubbles
Aerial acrobatic sails
Aerial acrobatic wreath
Hula Hoops
Cyr Wheel


Mr&Mrs Bubble

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Mr & Mrs Bubble


Mr&Mrs Bubble invite you to the imaginary world of the bubble.

Two creatures from another era who live in the wandering planet “Bubble”. They travel and open their home to everyone to share their joy of living here and now like a bubble does.

The guests become spectators of a temporary but true scenery of transformation as a transparent world of bubbles unfolds before them. Colourful stories reflect on it and this world constantly changes forms and shapes.

The spectators get carried away by the truth of the moment in the game and they become a part as well as co-creators of this passing world which is made of love, water and soap.


The Mr&Mrs Bubble show is interactive. The audience is asked not only to help the two heroes to share their bubble-inventions with them but also to literally get into an enormous bubble.

Bubbles have the leading role in this performance. Using handmade tools and everyday materials -but in an unreal way- small, medium-sized and huge bubbles are scattered and the spectators get carried away.

Duration: 45min

Ages: 0-100 years old

Director: Fanis Katehos

Performers: Fanis Katehos, Ioanna Michaliadi-Sarti


In 2012 the Multicaltural Group of Art Fabrica Athens created the Mr&Mrs Bubble performance and it was the first to bring Bubble Performing to our country.

The performance emerged from a theatrical research which introduced the scientific field of the bubbles to the team. This field is called Bubble-ology and the team was led to lots of experimentations which continue heretofore, thus evolving and renewing the performance.

Mr&Mrs Bubble were the first to bring their unique inventions such as Bubble Fingers(Fingers which produce bubbles) and Bubble Bike(a bike which produces bubbles) to the world. The Bubble Bike can be added to the performance upon request.

The performance has been presented in numerous and various events. Mr&Mrs Bubble have cooperated with private and public organisations such as:

Municipality of Elefsina (The Christmas of the Little Prince 2015,2016), Moschato-Tavros (2016), Dionysus (2015,2016), Drosia (2016), Athens (Beginning of Christmas Events, 2013)

Hotels (Costa Navarino , Grande Bretagne, Hotel Novotel Athenes, Wyndham Grand Athens, Alkyon Resort Hotel and Spa etc.)

The Christmas Circus- Circus- Dromocosmicas Tent (2017)

Asteroupolis in Ioannina(2016)

Pantelis Voulgaris- 2nd International Festival in Andros –  Nino Rota Special (2016)

Our Festival (Chalandri, 2015)

Inport Festival (Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, 2015)

Athens Circus Festival (2014,2015,2016)

Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival (Fabrica Art Gallery, 2013, 2014)

Festival of Colours (Metaxourgio 2013, 2014)

International Street Festival in Kalamata (July 2013)

Giannis Kakleas (Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall)

The Elves’ Mill (Trikala 2013, 2014)

Technopolis of Municipality of Athens (The Christmas Factory, 2013)

Participation in films, promotional items and video clips





Interactive Show with Soap Bubbles – Our Festival

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Fabrica Athens
Mr and Mrs Bubble at Our Festival

This is an interactive soap bubble performance by a group of discounted circus performers. A group of stilt walkers, acrobats, actors and dancers leave their stilt legs and performances in the circus for a while and decide to discover the great secret of happiness. Someone told them that in order to find it they have to make a long journey. They had only to follow the advice and they took the road, they left the road σαν they fell on the soap bubble feast!


It is essentially a thematic show full of huge soap bubbles that brings to life and activates the fairy tale, the imagination, the dream. With elements and references to the circus, the characters dress festively, wearing their elf noses, climbing on their very high stilts, scattering millions of soap bubbles.
An interactive game that evolves throughout the show between the audience and artists and spreads smiles and infinite magic.


Ages: 0-120 years old
Number of participants: 2 ++
About the Festival


Our Festival – 1st Meeting of Solidarity Artists – 14 – 17 September – Theatrical performances, street theater, workshop.


With our common madness of collectivity and our common joy of solidarity, we meet 45 artists in a celebration of free expression, where all together, but also each one alone, put his “hand” to take place.


Four hands are always better than two, eight better than four, sixteen better than eight; and because that could go on forever, take a walk through the ravine to see up close what we mean.
“Our Festival” takes place as part of the ravine festival, “Voices of Freedom”.


Organization: “We – a team of collective culture”.



September 14 – 17
Euripides Theater of Rematia, Profiti Elias pedestrian street, Chalandri
Tel. 210 6820464, 6993076378


Admission free with optional contribution