“I Agkalia” for the Mother

Hug with mom and plenty of bubbles!

Mr and Mrs Bubble celebrate Mother’s Day with the “Agkalia” – Unborn Child Protection Association at the “AVENUE” mall.

The association “I Agkalia” and its volunteers, from Tuesday 08 to Saturday 12 May, collected essential items for mothers and children in need. The visitors of the AVENUE shopping center offered food, toys, milk, diapers, cots, strollers and other baby care items for the “I Agkalia” Association.

In addition, on the last day of the five-day celebration “I Agkalia” welcomed her little friends and their little angels with musical toys, clowns, juggling, constructions, painting, gifts and of course soap bubbles! The artistic team Mr and Mrs Bubble performed with stilts and bubbles, which impressed the guests of “Agkalia” and offered moments of childhood and spontaneity to their passing visitors.

To learn more about “Agalia” visit its website: https://www.agalia.org.gr/