Bubble Show at Cosmopolis – Kavala Ethnic Festival

An interactive Bubble Show with elements of Circus Theater in the summer Cosmopolis.

The Interactive Show with Soap Bubbles “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show” returns to Cosmopolis – Kavala Ethnic Festival. Mr and Mrs Bubble hosted the Festival’s guests in the surreal world of the soap bubble. The two heroes made a stop with the wandering planet Bourboulithra in the yard of the 7th Elementary School and shared with their guests the joy of living here and now, like a soap bubble. The 2nd Festival Cosmopolis acrobatized between countless bubbles and turned into an elusive, colorful landscape of transformation. The spectators and co-creators of the show were seduced into this transparent game and were trapped inside a huge soap bubble, literally.

Before this special show, the Fabrica Athens team chanted the start of the bubble show and welcomed the audience with vivid stilts and a vintage gentleman bike. Young and old played with them, took many photos and created a family, festive, soapy atmosphere.

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