Toy and Color with Soap Bubbles

Handmade constructions, artistic compositions and original toy with bubbles!

Once again, the pioneers of bubbleology in Greece travel to the Peloponnese, between the reeds and the sea, to the children’s camp Green Camp in the prefecture of Ilia.

A special workshop for children, Bubble Factory – Fun and Art invites bubbling lovers to get to know the world of handmade and recyclable art, through countless bubbles that will give them breath. With experience in the field of handmade and recycled and diy constructions, Mr and Mrs Bubble and Fabrica Athens help the new generation of Soap-bubble poets to create their own artistic tools from recyclable materials.

With them, they crouch in liquid colors that are environmentally friendly and scatter colored bubbles of soap on their staff, but also on the group canvas. They paint small and large works of art, express themselves through colors, while discovering new visual techniques and possibilities.

Experiments with soap bubbles end up in a frantic game, where young and old get carried away. Children become artists and masters of bubbles, finding surreal ways to produce countless bubbles and swim among their endless smiles.