Soap bubbles at Will o’Wisps

Soap Bubbles and Spectacle at Will o’Wisps – The Festival.
The spectacular Soap Bubbles and unique circus performances of Mr and Mrs Bubble accompany the Fantasy Choir choir at Will o’Wisps – The Festival.

Fantasy Choir is the first and only choir in Greece, whose repertoire comes exclusively from the world of fantasy (movies, TV series, video games, etc.). And what could be more imaginative than the world of soap bubbles and circuses? The artistic couple of Fabrica Athens, a pioneer in our country with Bubble Performing and the science of Bubble-ology, collaborates with the enchanting choir. Under the musical direction of Charalambos Stergiopoulos – Rouba, the countless soap bubbles of Mr and Mrs Bubble will dance to the magical soundscapes of the choir.

On Sunday, June 2 at 19:00, the public will be able to enjoy an amazing spectacle with original music and soap bubbles. In addition, Mr and Mrs Bubble will accompany the music program with other surprises. It is important to note that Will o’Whips – The Festival supports and will donate part of its proceeds to the Voluntary Non-Profit Organization for Special Care and Protection of Mother and Child “Ark of the World”.

For more information on this year’s edition of Will o’Wisps – The Festival, click here.


Inside a Bubble – Lechena

Lechena in a Bubble.
The Family Tourist Guide “Mountain Peaks and Seas – Greece in a Bubble” is an online diary of the wanderings of the artistic couple “Mr and Mrs Bubble”.
A record of domestic and world travel made by the Soap Bubble Show “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show” to honor the places and people who embrace it.
Ilia, Peloponnese

“Dedicated to Markella”

Another summer season found us in the greenest children’s camp. The wonderful “Green Camp” is located on the west coast of the Peloponnese. A childish, utopian community between blue, sparkling white, sand beige and a variety of shades of green. In 2018, it hosted our training workshops “Bubble Factory – Soap Bubble and Handmade Art Workshop” and “Circ O’clock – Workshop of Acrobatics, Circus Techniques and Dexterity”.Old and new campers participated with enthusiasm and zeal, giving us inspiration and increasing the responsibility of maintaining and developing the quality of our children’s educational programs. Awesome lessons of will and imagination from the new flowers of humanity.

In this place, 20 km from the port of Kyllini, we decided to spend the night. Besides, our next destination was Kefalonia and the creperie “So Sweet” in Sami. But, where did we spend the night? In the “villa” of the first floor, in a meadow by the sea! There, the morning breeze woke us up and the smell of burnt wood in our fields motivated us to explore the land unknown to us. It is impressive that places change appearance. Different under the night sky, different in daylight. So with Avgoula, we discovered that we were a few meters away from the hidden Lagoon of Kotychi.

Part of the “Kotychi – Strofilia National Wetlands Park”, the Lagoon is a huge area with rich vegetation and unique fauna. As you walk on the dirt path between the Ionian Sea and the Coastal Forest of Strofilia, you can meet hard-to-find friends: Sea lilies, migratory birds and aquatic creatures, which accompany you all the way. This peaceful and enjoyable road ends in a secluded and mysterious settlement. But without expecting it, through the seemingly abandoned houses, a whole new world emerges, reminiscent of a forgotten “Atlantis”.

In this remote part of the map of Greece, there is a Natural Fish Farm or Divari. First in the reception of the settlement, are the four-legged, friendly keepers of the fish farm. Then the hosts, fishermen, appear. Tired of the salt and the sun for so many years, they never lose the mood and the desire to show you the swallows. At the moment, they stand up and guide you to the bottom of the lake. Flaming waters, crabs, mullets, eels and special fishing techniques are some of the secrets they shared with us. Secrets that “greyhound” cats have smelled long ago and are on vacation all day and all night at the end of the dirt road.

With this image, full of sea, fish, cats and fishermen with straw hats, this journey of knowledge and beauty ended. Besides, the fishing season started the next day. It was now August.


Carnival Soap Bubbles 2019

Carnival Soap Bubbles 2019! Children, parents and those in the family who are looking to put a little color and soap in everyday life, get ready!
Halloween in 2019 is dressed with countless Soap Bubbles, circus surprises and the imagination of the theater. Mr and Mrs Bubble and Fabrica Athens are touring in Athens and all over Greece with activities and performances for the whole family!

This Halloween, the Multiactive Art Group Fabrica Athens and the artistic couple Mr. and Mrs. Bubbles perform many performances, spectacles and original artistic actions. The carnival activities are addressed to both children and parents, combining imagination, science and high aesthetic quality. Carnival Soap Bubbles, Circus Shows and Theater get married and offer you unique experiences!


In 2019 you will find them among others in the following open carnival events:

  • Saturday 02 March, 12:00: Carnival Events of the Municipality of Korydallos – Show with Soap Bubbles “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show”.
  • Saturday 02 March, 17:00: Special Carnival in Peristeri – Circus by Fabrica / Circus Variete (Soap Bubbles, Acrobatics, Juggling, Aerial Acrobatic Sails, Stilts, Cyr Wheel, German Wheel, Hula Hoop, Gentleman Bicycle, Fire Show).
  • Sunday 03 March, 11:00: Municipality of Saronikos – Parade with Soap Bubbles, Stilts, Gentleman Bicycle and Juggler.
  • Sunday 03 March, 14:00: Municipality of Zografou (Goudi Park) – Show with Soap Bubbles “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show”.
  • Saturday 09 March, 12:00: Municipality of Kos – Parade and Performance with Soap Bubbles “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show”.
  • Sunday March 10: Municipality of Kos – Performances with Soap Bubbles “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show” and Clown Acts with Pascal Da Clown.

Inside a Bubble – Reichea

Reichea in a Bubble.
The Family Tourist Guide “Mountain Peaks and Seas – Greece in a Bubble” is an online diary of the wanderings of the artistic couple “Mr and Mrs Bubble”.
A record of domestic and world travel made by the Soap Bubble Show “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show” to honor the places and people who embrace it.
Laconia, Peloponnese

“Dedicated to Elli”

Acrobat on the mountain peaks of eastern Laconia, you are faced with an adventurous, alternating landscape. Rocks, sky and sea compose a three-dimensional canvas that rises in the clouds, dives to the bottom and then again-gets lost in the turns. A unique walk at the time of the sun, where if you follow it to the end it will take you to the small, but rich in beauty Reichea. A small mountain village of the Municipality of Monemvasia, which fits the goods of the whole world, but also the same in a bubble!

In this traditional and at the same time modern side of Greece, he invited us to a new momfor the baptism of the new member of the family. Initially, our hosts welcomed us to their store “Agapis Edesma”. There they offered us their delicious, homemade sweets that they make every day. In the square where the sweet shop is located, there are two well-kept taverns, which, if nothing else, beautify the open air with their arbors and make passers-by smell with their smells. After they welcomed us, they took us to the house where we were staying.

Some surprises were waiting for us there. A house of invaluable traditional value in architecture, structure and decoration, but also a refrigerator full of fresh figs and grapes of the family. And as if that were not enough, we had the good fortune and the opportunity to watch live the process of pressing the grapes and the production of wine. Unexpected gifts of the autumn Peloponnese.

So if you are there, in this place where people know what hospitality means by the above, ask them “Where could we go for a swim?” and they will answer you in Vlychada! The beach of Vlychada is a creek, where its pebbles are followed by blue, crystal clear waters. Ideal place for those bathers looking for some quiet moments of coolness in nature and to get rid of the electronic sounds of mobile phones.

Unusually beautiful with the wild landscape comes and ties a small canteen, in which you can quietly enjoy its few and quality appetizers. The first rain of September found us in this isolated place, turning us into spectators of a natural, living art.

We quickly left to be among beautiful people and to celebrate the baptism of our little friend. Stilts, Gentleman Bicycle and Bubble Show charmed and surprised the villagers, giving us memories of bright smiles and people on the way back.



Children’s Events in Athens

Children’s Events and Performances in the Center of Athens!
The most handmade space in the center of Athens hosts your family events with a variety of educational, entertainment and spectacles. Children and parents are left to the creative and imaginative activities of Fabrica Athens and Mr and Mrs Bubble.
The most handmade place in Athens!

In the familiar and handmade space of Fabrica Artspace you can hold children’s, family and all kinds of events. Head 350 meters northeast of Kerameikos Metro Station. There, in the historic center of Athens, is the site of the Fabrica Athens Multiactive Art Group. The ideal corner for those who want to celebrate in a handmade and artistic environment.

Original Actions for Children and the Family!

The individual ideas and actions of the team are the main components for the realization of a unique event. Its aesthetics revolve around the world of handmade and recyclable, DIY and DIT. In addition, the artistic and entertainment events it offers have the texture of another era and are based on the art of circus and theater. Therefore, they promote not only the quality indulgence of young and old, but also their creative employment.

Creative Jobs, Performances, Entertainment and Training Workshops by Fabrica Athens and Mr and Mrs Bubble:

are some of the actions you can choose from the team portfolio to enrich your events.

Homemade Tastes in the city center!

In addition, to complete the package you can accompany the warm and fun atmosphere of your celebration with fresh, homemade delicacies.“Homemade” food depending on your dietary preferences (vegeterian, vegan etc) are prepared to please you and complete the triptych of a successful event.


Christmas Soap Bubbles for Doctors of the World

Christmas Soap Bubble Shows for Doctors of the World.
Mr and Mrs Bubble and Fabrica Athens will perform a Soap Bubble Show and other Christmas surprises for Doctors of the World in downtown Athens.

The spectacular show with Soap Bubbles “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show” will take place on Friday, December 14 at the Propylaea (Panepistimio Metro Station) at 11:30. The audience will be welcomed by playful stilt walkers, while at 18:00 they will be able to watch a magical Fire Show.

“Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show” is an interactive Bubble Show with basic ingredients of soap and imagination! The two heroes scatter smiles on children and adults with their countless bubbles, while those who truly believe in dreams get into huge bubbles! Combining techniques and elements from the world of Circus, Theater and Bubble Performing, a unique, visual spectacle of soap bubbles is created, which is addressed to the whole family! The fire show that will follow in the afternoon is an impressive Street Spectacle, where the protagonists meander and dance among flames.

For more information visit their surreal world:


Christmas Bubble Show in Athens Technopolis

Bubble Show in Athens! In the Christmas Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens!
Bubble Shows in Athens in the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens with the pioneers of Bubbleology and Bubble Performing in Greece, Mr and Mrs Bubble.

Βubble show in athens! Mr and Mrs Bubble celebrate Christmas in the largest Christmas village in Athens. The spectacular show with Soap Bubbles “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show” will be at this year’s “Elf Rush” of the Christmas Factory.

More than soap and water!

An interactive Bubble Show with basic ingredients of a little water, soap and a lot of love! Somehow, the two heroes scatter smiles on children and adults with their countless bubbles, while those who truly believe in dreams get into a huge bubble! Wandering in the world of Circus, Theater and Bubble Performing creates a unique, visual spectacle of bubbles, addressed to the whole family!

Performance Dates

The interactive Bubble Shows will take place on the following dates. Make a note of them on your Christmas agenda and travel with them:

  • 08/12 at 14:30
  • 16/12 at 17:00
  • 28/12 at 16:00
  • 02/01 at 13:00

For more information visit their surreal world:


Soap bubbles at Leroy Merlin

Colored Soap Bubbles at Leroy Merlin Stores.
This Christmas at Leroy Merlin we will wander through a green, handmade world of soap bubbles with Fabrica Athens and Mr and Mrs Bubble.

Creatures that acrobat between surprise and imagination, will transform Leroy Merlin visitors into their most festive selves and will walk with the most surreal Christmas airs. They will paint the cards with their colored soap bubbles with their wishes, while those who truly believe in the magic of Christmas will literally enter a bubble of giant dimensions.

The Theatrical Team of Fabrica Athens and the artistic couple Mr and Mrs Bubble will perform original Christmas activities at the Leroy Merlin stores in Athens, Larissa and Thessaloniki. The team that created the first Bubble Show in Greece and the only Handmade Theater in Athens, invites lovers of Handmade, Soap Bubble and Art to the most creative Christmas. The science of Bubbleology, the world of Circus, Theater and Bubble Art meet to celebrate young and old, in a special way, this Christmas.

Get into soap bubbles, paint with colorful bubbles, decorate the most handmade Christmas tree, transform into the creatures of your imagination and wander with lively stilt legs. Make a note of the dates and these holidays will be unforgettable:

  • 01/12, Airport Store, 11:00 – 14:00
  • 01/12, Maroussi Store, 17:00 – 20:00
  • 03/12, Piraeus Store, 17:00 – 20:00
  • 04/12, Vasilissis Sofias Store, 17:00 – 20:00
  • 05/12, Thessaloniki Store, 17:00 – 20:00
  • 06/12, Larissa Store, 17:00 – 20:00


To learn more about the Fabrica Athens Multipurpose Art Group and Mr and Mrs Bubble visit the following links:



Bubbles in the Authentic Marathon

We make bubbles and then we enter into a huge Soap Bubble with the safety of Ergo.

The 36th Marathon was completed safely thanks to the Grand Sponsor of ERGO insurance and its guests Mr and Mrs Bubble! The bubble artists undertook to enclose children and adults in soap bubbles. At the same time, they flooded the streets of Athens with soap bubbles! The 55,000 runners and the crowd that visited the Athens Marathon. The Authentic enjoyed the festive atmosphere created by the artistic and entertaining activities of Fabrica Athens, capturing with photos their unique moments in and between countless bubbles!

For more events and entertainment visit


Mountain Peaks and Seas 2018- Greece in a Bubble

Tourist Guide of Greece from Bourboulithres: “Mountain Peaks and Seas – Greece in a Bubble”

“Mountain Peaks and Seas – Greece in a Bubble” is a record of domestic wanderings and discoveries made by the artistic couple Mr and Mrs Bubble through the unique circus-theater show with soap bubbles “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show”. The first Bubble Show that Greece experienced, travels inside and outside the country, from the most isolated villages to the brightest cities, illuminating the smiles and the mood of young and old. During the 7 years of active presence in the field of spectacle, circus, theater and bubble performing, the group has entertained, moved and inspired not only children and parents, but also people of all ages, nationalities and social – political – economic groups. The bubbles that the two artists scatter are transparent, without restrictions on the human, as what gives them life is the imagination that springs from every human being – spectator.

The recording consists of photographic material and the description of various places and landscapes, which were stops in the artistic tour of Mr and Mrs Bubble in 2018. This unique experience led to the visit of important but also hidden cultural events and the discovery of forgotten places and monuments of archaeological – historical importance. In addition, the theatrical tour gave the artists the opportunity to visit parts of the Greek map of incredible natural beauty, traditional and modern settlements, steep and coastal, which contributed to experiencing the complementary contrasts of Greece.

It could perhaps be described as an alternative tourist guide to the countless roads and surprises one can encounter in our country. An online photo diary that can inspire you for your future vacations and excursions. But it is definitely a dedication to the people the couple has met, trusted and supported in these journeys. A small gift to honor those who have accompanied them mentally or literally on their endless journey from North to South and from East to West. Because the imprint of all these eyes on the souls of the artists, has been imprinted in this special performance, as a result of which it travels and reminds something real and dreamy to anyone who watches it. We hope, therefore, through the tourist guide “Mountain Peaks and Seas – Greece in a Bubble” to bring to life a new journey through your own eyes and your own imagination. Stay tuned and enjoy!