[2009]: “The City”

In one house-the same every time-that moves from city to city, two characters try desperately to gain memory. Him through […]

[2009]: “Cain’s children”

An actor, Ilias and a writer, Grigois, are inseparable friends and flat mates for four years. This very strong male […]

[2011]: «Shopping And F***ing»

The interdisciplinary art group FabricaAthens introduces itself to the Athenian audience and presents its first theatrical production with the title: […]

[2014]: «Pulp Fiction»

“A surreal fossil of the battle between the ” good” and the “bad”, a series of self-destructed characters. Heroes that […]

[2014]: I Insist

Performance/ physical theater/ contemporary dance/aerial silks Vasia Tsotsou (solo) 17′ A solo inspired by the space of the political theory, […]

[2014, 2015]: «Villa Utopia»

“The dream becomes nightmare so fast and the nightmare dream. Surely, you will have seen in your dream falling from […]