In And Out – Memories

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Memories The Multi-active Group of Art Fabrica Athens and the German organization Mostar Friedensprojekt e.V. invites you to the 5th Theater Youth Exchange Program “In and Out”. Since 2016, every fall 20 young people, rising artists from Greece and Germany have been meeting in Athens and Berlin for two eight-day theater workshops. Within less than […]

Research Theater – Fanis Katechos / Weekly Courses

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Fabrica Athens Theater Group and Fabrica Artspace invite you to the 6th consecutive year of the weekly courses “Theater of Research”. Fanis Katechos, founding member of the theatrical group, inspirer and main presenter of the modern theatrical method “Theater of Research”, intensively shares for another year the findings of his personal theatrical research, through techniques […]

Participation in the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange: Race for Tolerance

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A Race for Tolerance by using theater methods and techniques! As part of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action, Fabrica Athens Theater Group participates in the Youth Exchange Program “Race For Tolerance”, from the 6th -15th August 2018. The program will take place in the premises used by the N.G.O. “Mostar Friedensprojekt” at Potsdam – Germany, […]

Theater: A Tool for Tolerance in the European Erasmus + Programs

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ευρωπαικά προγράμματα, ανταλλαγες νέων, ersmus plus, greece, fabrica athens, youth exchanges, yoga, theater, θέατρο

Tolerance Over Fear – Refugees You Are Welcome! Erasmus + Hande Demir and the organization “Limit Gökyüzünde”, organizer of the European program Erasmus + “Tolerance over Fear – Refugees You Are Welcome!” explains the goals of the program to “The aim of the project is to understand and reduce Islamophobia in Europe, exploring various […]

All Inclusive- Youth Exnchange Program (Bosnia)

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All Inclusive- Fabrica Athens

Content and aim Mostar Friedensprojekt implemented together with its partners from Greece, Serbia and Bosnia two youth exchanges under the title “All inclusive – Applying Artistic Theater Methods in Youth Work with Handicapped or Disadvanteged Youth” taking place in Bosnia. The project intended to deliver a model for future school-focused activities. Participating teamers of the […]

Land Without Man- youth exchange program

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Land Without Man- Fabrica Athens- Mostar Organisation

Fabrica Athens (Greece) και Mostar Organisation (Bosnia) organise the 5th European Youth Exchange Program, with Greek and German participants, having as a main subject the Research Theater. The title of the program is “Land Without Man”. In the program, students of Iakovos Kambanellis Drama School took part so that they have the opportunity to get […]

The Greek-German Youth Foundation for the show “Faith”

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The Hellenic-German Youth Foundation shares its experience for the exchange of twenty young people, mainly from immigrant families, for the two trips and rehearsals in Berlin and Athens and for the completion of the “In and Out” program with the performance “Faith” at the Fabrica Athens artspace. For anyone who speaks German or thinks that […]