Multidisciplinary Seminar with Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley

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«Theater as a Dialogue with the Dead – Keeping Alive a Personal Tradition» The Multiactive Art Group Fabrica Athens, as part of its educational activities, welcomes the internationally renowned theater director Eugenio Barba, founder of the pioneering group Odin Teatret and ISTA – International School of Theater Anthropology. With him, the actress and director Julia […]

Interview of Fanis Katechos at Theatermag

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Fanis Katechos, one of the founding members of the multiactive Art Group Fabrica Athens, talks to theatermag about the group’s actions in the midst of mandatory confinement. The second part of the SabarBar action continues, the online meetings – lessons in penitentiaries and much more. Would you like to tell us about the Fabrica Athens […]

Ten Worlds in the Passage of a Ephemeral Breath

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Ten Worlds in the Passage of a Ephemeral Breath “The theater is not here to monologue, but to communicate, animate and unite.” Nowadays, through the art of theater,  wanted the disease of our state to be revealed. A system whose operation is not much different from any other mechanical system, and which, from the smallest […]

Online courses- Fabrica Athens

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Online Courses from Fabrica Athens The courses and educational programs of the Fabrica Lab, as well as the hosted courses of the Fabrica Artspace continue online! Fabrica Athens, after the latest developments, and the cessation of all the activities of the Fabrica Artspace, starts online training courses and workshops. From Monday 16/11 until the live […]

SaBarBar project in the context of co-Athens

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The multiactive Art group Fabrica Athens collaborates with the group No Play / UrbanDig Project and presents sabarBar. The sabarBar project is a platform for open participation in a co-creation process, triggered by true stories, testimonies and narrations of residents of Exarcheia. These stories will be turned into lyrics, songs, chants and a theatrical polyphonic […]

Theatrical Connections

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1st Seminar Theatrical Connections – Methoni, Messinia The Multi-active Art Group Fabrica Athens crossed the cosmopolitan borders of Athens and for the first year transferred its educational activity to the diverse countryside of Greece. Our team held the 1st seminar “Theatrical Connections” in the coastal Methoni of Messinia in August 2020, while at the same […]

LINES ǀ CURVES ǀ or Vice Versa

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LINES ǀ CURVES ǀ or Vice Versa Presentation of LINES ǀ CURVES ǀ or Vice Versa at the School of Fine Arts in the context of the 10th Athens Video Dance Festival and the Performance Lab with Ioannis Karounis. On Sunday, January 26, 2020, the presentation of the work-in-progress “LINES ǀ CURVES ǀ or Vice […]

Internship – Open Call

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Open Invitation for Internship at the Fabrica Artspace The multiactive Art Group Fabrica Athens invites students to complete their internship at the Fabrica Artspace, from departments of schools related to: Culture and Art (Theater, dance, visual arts, etc.) in practical or theoretical level Cultural Management The Social and Political Sciences Communication and Media and any […]

Call for Artistic Proposals 2019 – 2020

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Open Call for Artistic Proposals 2019 – 2020. Fabrica Athens Theater Group invites groups and independent artists to submit their proposals for the period 2019-2020. The multiactive Art Group Fabrica Athens completes 10 years of life and enters its new decade with renewed artistic and educational proposals. In the context of this new era, it […]