Theater Connections III – Seaside Theater Workshop

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Theater Connections III – Seaside Theater Workshop
The Summer Theater Workshop of Fabrica Athens “Theater Connections ΙΙΙ” returns in the seaside village of Methoni in Greece for the 3rd consecutive year.

We warmly invite you to participate in Theater Connections III, a theater workshop held August 4th through August 12th in the beautiful seaside village of Methoni, Peloponnese, Greece. Theater Connections is a 9-day theater immersion facilitated by Fanis Katehos and Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti of the Multi-active Group of Art – Fabrica Athens.

A group of Greek and international participants will coalesce and embark on a shared journey of interaction with the environment and its people through theatrical training. Participants inspired by the place will devise a performance to be shared with local residents and visitors in Methoni.

The Theater Workshop – Methods & Goals

The structure of Theater Connections is designed to support participants in connecting with Methoni and its people through the exploration of theater, their own inner worlds, and nature. This workshop is open to interested individuals of all levels of experience. The theater training entailed invites full engagement of body and soul. We seek participants with a willingness and a desire to enjoy themselves by challenging their own unique limits.

The Theater of Research is the theatrical practice developed by Fabrica Athens which serves as the foundational base for the workshop. It has been in evolution since 2012, and uses original techniques that draw upon the methods of Jerzy Grotowski, Konstantin Stanislavski, Eugenio Barba, Giles Foreman, Suzan Batson, Augusto Boal, Kitt Johnson and Tadashi Suzuki. The practice is used for the training of actors and performers, and also as a tool of Applied Theater in penitentiaries, youth exchange programs, immigrant camps, and more. It adapts its techniques to every group in order to achieve a liberating and transformative experience each time.

Cultural Week

As teammates, participants will also take on artist, facilitator, and audience roles in a festive week of free cultural activities in Methoni curated by Fabrica Athens. Activities such as yoga, fire shows, circus workshops, and screenings are part of this organized cultural week. All of these activities connect participants to the landscape and the people of Methoni, and give participants experience in known and unknown realms.

Tours, Excursions & Special moments

In addition to the training and the cultural events, participants can enjoy morning swims after yoga at the sea’s edge (or even a night swim if they would like to close their days this way as well). They will also have the opportunities to travel to beautiful islands off the coast of Methoni, to visit the medieval Methoni castle (which is surrounded by water on three sides) and to learn about one of the first schools of mutual education in Greece. They will hear from local teachers and communities about Methoni’s history and will enjoy delicious summer meals together. They may even find themselves sharing coffee and stories with a neighbor. Methoni is known to enchant and delight its visitors.


Participants camp together at the organized campsite of Camping Methoni. The campsite is equipped with bathrooms, showers, washing machines, and kitchens. Participants are welcome to bring their own tent. Tents can be provided for participants coming from abroad. Participants may request a single or double occupancy tent.


Participants may choose a payment tier which includes one meal (either lunch or dinner) per day in the seaside restaurant of the campsite. In addition to this meal, participants may enjoy the high-quality restaurants and taverns within walking distance, with great options for those with dietary lifestyles and restrictions of all kinds. Participants may also choose to cook some of their meals in the shared kitchens. There are grocery stores and small markets with fresh produce available daily.

This year marks the third iteration of Theater Connections, and we are excited to expand this creative portal into one of international exchange. There are two aspects which comprise this transition:

  • Firstly, our call to participation is open to applicants from anywhere in the world.
  • Secondly, this year, Theater Connections will occur parallel to In and Out, a cultural, creative exchange and collaboration between young artists from Greek and German. The Greek-German In and Out participants will join the Theater Connections group in Methoni on August 5th, after spending the prior week training and devising together in Germany. In and Out and Theater Connections participants will come together during various activities everyday and will also work together to create a final public performance.

We warmly thank the local community of Methoni and specifically Dionysios Psallidas (President of the Cultural Association of Methoni, Director of the Primary School of Methoni – Georgakopouleio) and Antonis Tsirigos (President of the Association of Friends of Methoni Castle) for their support and contributions.

Workshop: Theater Connections ΙΙΙ – Seaside Theater Workshop
Instructors: Fanis Katechos, Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti
When: August 4-12, 2022
Where: Methoni, South Peloponnese (Greece)
Participations ǀ Inquiries: +141 599 499 57 (WhatsApp), (Email Theme: Theater Connections ΙΙΙ)
Participation Fees:
Interested individuals can choose one of the following packages for their participation:
  • 220 euros – Includes participation in the seminar and its related activities (cultural week, guided tours, excursions)
  • 300 euros – Includes participation in the seminar and its related activities (cultural week, guided tours, excursions) and accommodation at Camping Methoni in a shared tent
  • 420 euros – Includes participation in the seminar and its related activities (cultural week, guided tours, excursions) and accommodation at Camping Methoni in a shared tent and one meal per day (either lunch or dinner)
  • 560 euros – Includes participation in the seminar and its related activities (cultural week, guided tours, excursions) and accommodation at Camping Methoni in a single tent and one meal per day (either lunch or dinner)