Youth Exchange – European Cultural Heritage

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The experience of the Youth Exchange “Connection with the European Cultural Heritage”.
One month after the completion of the Erasmus + Program, Fabrica Athens asks the participants of the Greek delegation about their experience in the Youth Exchange.

The Youth Exchange Program was organized by the Turkish organization Limit Gokyuzunde. Among the numerous and varied activities of the Program, the multiactive Art Group Fabrica Athens undertook the artistic training of the participants. The theme was approached through theatrical techniques, which led to the creation of a dance flash mob. The artwork was unveiled at Ankara’s largest department store, CEPA. There, a promotional bench for Erasmus + followed, where the results of the program and the experiences experienced by the participants were presented.

This experience after a month was shared with the people of Fabrica Athens by the young people who participated with the Greek mission. Wanting to convey their thoughts, feelings and experiences as they are, below you can read the entire texts they submitted.

How 10 days of intensive artistic and educational activities recorded in the body, the mind and in the life of young people in general? How do you experience and record the shared experience differently? A few words from those who dedicated themselves and traveled to neighboring Turkey.

Anna Maria

For me, Erasmus + was an unprecedented experience. It was the first time I participated in a European program with young people my age from different countries and I really feel it was the (so far) best experience of my life. I believe that the whole team bonded very nicely through the activities, the discussions but also from the will of the people themselves to know each other and this is the most important thing I gained from this experience. It is very important to know people who have the desire and the mood to socialize, bond and develop relationships with different people, strangers and finally through a series of activities to create something beautiful together from scratch. This to me is invaluable and I feel terribly lucky to have had the opportunity to experience it and I will never forget that feeling.


Enthusiasm, joy, luck, curiosity, pride, teamwork, solidarity, love, emotion. Very little of what I felt, experiencing Erasmus + for the first time. To associate so many people, to gain so many experiences, to keep so many beautiful moments, to “live” so many friends from different cultures and religions. I do not hide the fact that it is a life experience and much more the best experience and period of my life. I had never thought that I could study the European Cultural Heritage in combination with Theater, dance, arts in general. The dialogue, the activities, the dance and all the trials are difficult but creative, and the result is completely satisfactory. Definitely one of the best trips I have made and would do again, without any hesitation. A journey of life.


It was my first time participating in an Erasmus + program. A unique experience for me. It exceeded my expectations. The intention of all to meet, to actually share our daily life for ten consecutive days was wonderful. All kinds of activities and discussions of the program were really interesting and brought us even closer. The coordinators of the program were equally excellent, they gave a lot of love to what they did and that is why it had this result. It was a journey of ten unforgettable days. It was a very strong experience for me it gave me impetus and supplies and ideas to continue in what I want.