[2018] Xanthi – Theatrical Performance

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The Multiactive Art Group Fabrica Athens presents its first theatrical production for 2018 “Xanthi”.

From reality to myth. Where does reality end and where does the Myth begin? Where is the beginning of Fallacy and where is the Truth? Light gives life to the shadow of a hard Dream and its reflection is reflected in a fluid world Am I awake or dreaming? And when I dream how do I know I’m not awake? I do not want to understand, I want to feel. What is the difference between Life, Dream and Myth? Or rather where do they come together?

The play is a modern, theatrical research, based on the life of Xanthi, but also a testimony – a proposal in the “political” theater. Her goal is for the actor’s body and objects to disappear and what will be left is the vibrations.


Directed by: Katechos Fanis

Assistant Director: Melekidis Pavlos

Cast: Michaliadi Sarti Giovanna

Lighting Installation and Lighting Design: Lolos Stefanos

Production: Fabrica Athens Theater Group

As part of the 6th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival // 20-30 Sept 2018 the group will make a small presentation of its new production, which is an experimental approach and connection of the art of theater and circus, and the science of bubbleology.


When: 26/09 at 21:15 & 29/09 at 21:15

Venue: Fabrica Artspace – Theater Stage, 125 Megalou Alexandrou & Evrymedontos, Kerameikos

Reservation is required at 2103411651 (17: 00-21:00).

Note: Please be present in the foyer of the Artspace Fabrica theater at least 20 minutes in advance and pick up your booking tickets directly. The reservation is valid until 10 ‘before the start of the show.

Admission with Free Contribution