Tribute to Fabrica Athens Theater Group from the website Municipality and State

An extensive tribute to the multiactive Art Group Fabrica Athens, its actions and people, is hosted on the website Dimos kai Politeia.

On the website Dimos kai Politeia  you can find the tribute to Fabrica Athens which consists of excerpts from interviews of team members and collaborators, students in its educational workshops as well as people who know and participate in its diverse work.

“What does Fabrica mean to you?” What exactly is a team; A community? “

“What is your goal within this team?”

“What makes you part of Fabrica Athens?”

These are, among other things, some of the questions that team members answered.

“I belong to a group of artists who did not know what theater meant from their genuflections. I was born in a crisis and did not receive help from anywhere. These people sacrificed their personal lives to dedicate themselves to art.

In a group of artists who live without drumbeats. That brings together and that tries to create opportunities! Having an allergy to toxicity.

A team that has not succumbed to temptation and is open to all. Who is not silenced, who is anxious, who is ready to sacrifice everything for the common good. […] »

“Fabrica means hearth. It is a nucleus that is constantly active and concerns both the material dimension of the group (active members, theatrical methodology, educational approach), as well as the invisible being (idea, vision, philosophy of art – theater). It means love. […] »

You can find the full tribute to Fabrica Athens along with photos here

A warmly thanks to Nectarios Theodorou, for the tribute as well as for his interest in the team.

Special thanks to Katerina Markezini for her contribution to the editing of the texts.