Tolerance over fear: Refugees you are welcome- Invitation for Participants

Tolerance Over Fear- Fabrica Athens
Fabrica Athens participates in the European youth exchange program “Tolerance over fear: Refugees you are welcome” which will take place in Ankara, Turkey from April 20 to 30, 2018.

A different theatrical experience aimed at combating Islamophobia, but also a better understanding of different cultures and different thoughts.

Those interested in participating in the program can contact us at, sending their CV and a text that will describe the reasons / motives for their participation.

It is important to understand what is happening around us and take action to address situations such as the refugee and immigration crisis. Phenomena due to both wars and natural disasters as well as aversion to the different. Phenomena that take place all over the Earth, affect us all and in all seasons. We hope, therefore, to learn more about our history and the period when we were also active immigrants, to remember our forgotten past, which will be repeated in the future.

6 different countries, 6 different immigration stories (Greece, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Estonia, Turkey)

After 2 youth exchanges focusing on Islamophobia (A call for Tolerance October 2016) and immigration (Express it: EU + Immigration + Refugees March 2017) we expect to understand in depth the refugee and immigration issue through visits to refugee camps in Ankara, to get in touch and talk with historians, but also with real people, families and friends who have experienced immigration.

There is concern that Islamophobia is on the rise, while the immigration and refugee crisis has created phobias against Islamic peoples. This has set in motion a new dialogue in Europe on how best to integrate these people into society, to understand their culture and religion, and to prevent violence and censorship against them. Are European measures responding? Do we respect human rights? How do these measures work in our countries? What is the immigration and refugee policy in our country?

That is why 28 young people will meet in Ankara, Turkey to better understand Islam and the different European cultures, the refugee and immigration movement, to develop tolerance and acceptance of the different for a peaceful coexistence and the fight against fear. between people, religions and cultures.

The approach will be done through artistic methods:

Theater of the oppressed, painting, meditation, dating games, brainstorming, teamwork and discussions.

The following will be investigated:

European plans for the migration crisis.

-Turkey’s agreement with the European Union.

-Visit to an immigration camp in Ankara.

-Historical investigation by LG and Inter.

General Objective: To understand in depth the Islamic and European culture and their differences, the refugee and immigration movement, in order to develop tolerance and acceptance of the different with the aim of a peaceful coexistence and the fight against fear between people, religions and cultures.