Theatrical Youth Exchange Program – Change

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The multiactive Art Group Fabrica Athens and the German Non-Profit Organization Mostar Friedensprojekt, carry out the 4th Theatrical Youth Exchange Program entitled “In and Out”.

“In and Out” is a program of youth exchange between Greece and Germany. It is supported by the German state and is a fundamental link of the Hellenic-German Youth Foundation. The goal of the Program is:

  • The creation and expansion of the relations of the new generation of the two European states through the art of theater.
  • The development of an artistic core of young people, who through the theatrical dialogue, will build a cultural bridge between Germany and Greece.

This year’s theme of the Exchange Program is entitled “Change – Change”:

“In a world where everything is subject to constant change, what is it that remains irreversible? One poet had written that “everything around changes and everything remains the same”. We, the protagonists of our own work, to what extent do we leave ourselves in the habit, in what is usual and to what extent do we find the strength to take the step of “Change”? Do we need this change and what needs to change? “Space and time may change everything, but nothing can.”

In this search for the concept of “Change”, a total of 20 young men and women from Greece and Germany will meet. At their side will be the trainers of Fabrica Athens,Fanis Katechos and Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti. In the educational and creative process will be used various techniques that follow and have been developed, such as the Research Theater.

On the other hand, participants will have the opportunity to expand their cognitive and artistic skills and contribute to various aspects of the program with their uniqueness. In addition, they will touch the cultural wealth of each country not only from an artistic, but also from a social and humanitarian point of view, which contributes to their personal and collective formation.

The program will take place September 1-8 in Berlin (Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte) and September 15-22 in Athens (Fabrica Theater Stage). The selected participants need to attend both parts of the program. Adults up to 30 years old, with an interest in the art of theater, professionals or not, can apply.

Those interested are kindly requested to send an application form to, which includes the following:
  • Subject: Change – Application Form
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Reason you wish to participate in the program.
  • Photo Portrait

Contact Information: telephone, email address

Applications will be accepted until Sunday 18 August. The answers will be given until Tuesday, August 20. For more information about the “Change” Exchange Program and Fabrica Athens you can contact the above email address or visit our website