Theatrical Summer Seminar “Theater Connections 2”

Summer, theatrical seminar “Theater Connections” in Methoni, Messinia for second year by Fabrica Athens.
The Multi-active Art Group Fabrica Athens organizes for the 2nd consecutive year the summer, theatrical seminar “Theater Connections” in the seaside town of Methoni in Messinia. From the 1st to the 8th of August, trainers of Fabrica Athens, based on the theatrical practice that they have developed “Theater of Research”, will hold a seminar of theatrical research and creation close to nature, to the inhabitants and the vacationers of the Messinian resort.

During the seminar the participants will have the opportunity:

  • To combine theatrical research and creation in nature with their summer vacations
  • To connect with the place and the inhabitants of Methoni through the art of theater
  • To get acquainted with the practice of the group “Theater of Research”
A few words about the Theater of Research

The Theater of Research is a theatrical practice developed by Fabrica Athens since 2012, which uses original techniques that draw on the methods of Jerzy Grotowski, Konstantin Stanislavski, Eugenio Barba, Giles Forman, Suzan Batson, Augusto Boal, Kitt Johnson and Tadashi Suzuki. The practice is used for the training of actors and performers, but also as a tool of Applied Theater in penitentiaries, youth exchange programs, immigrant camps, etc., adapting its techniques to each group in order to achieve a liberating and transformative experience.

Seminar Goals

The main goal of the theatrical seminar is the exchange and the creation of connections between the place of Methoni, the participants and the organizers. This will be achieved by creating and carrying out actions and events for the public of the provincial city, which will have the theatrical seminar as a point of reference. In addition, participants will be able to share moments of creation and recreation 24/7, as the experience of the seminar in nature, includes their stay at Camping Methoni (10 steps, literally, from the sandy beach) and visits to places and monuments of historical importance and natural beauty.

In addition, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Greek revolution, the purpose of the theatrical workshops and seminar activities is to explore the concept of “metavasis” (transition) on a personal and collective level. More specifically, the theater will be the vehicle for participants to connect with the place, history, culture and people of Methoni, which was a landmark in 1821 during the Greek revolution.

Theater Connections 2

Within 8 days the participants will create from scratch a performance for the residents and vacationers of the area, inspired by the area itself. In addition, the Fabrica Athens team will hold workshops and events for them, in which participants will take part on behalf of the public or animators / artists, gaining additional experience in their theatrical education and research.

The theatrical training will start with the body (kinesthesia, empowerment, plasticity, body and sound) and will include techniques from world-renowned theatrical methods and practices, such as those of Jerzy Grotowski, Eugenio Barba, Yoga, etc., and techniques that have been developed within the Theater of Research.

In addition to the empowerment and development of the participants’ means of expression, their theatrical education will also acquire a social dimension, using theater directly and practically as a cultural and social tool to create connections with the place and its people.

The main trainer of the seminar is the speaker – creator of the Theater of research, Fanis Katechos. Next to him will be the performer – trainer of Fabrica Athens, Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti, but also trainees at the “Theater of Research”, who will undertake selected parts of the training of the participants, on the occasion of the Lagastrian or peer-to-peer teaching method, which first -introduced in Methoni.

The seminar is supported by: Cultural Association of Methoni, Association of Friends of Methoni Castle and Independent Movement of Methoni Citizens “MethoNEI”.

Who is the seminar aimed at

The summer, theatrical seminar “Theater Connections” is addressed to artists (performers, actors, dancers, etc.), students of documentaries and other arts, but also to people with less experience in the (performing) arts, who have the mood and availability to work intensively in a dynamic group centered on the theater.

How to Participate

Those are interested in participating can send an email with the subject “Theater Connections” to the email address The following information needs to be attached to the email:

Curriculum vitae
Recent Photo (Portrait)

Applications will be accepted until July 19. Applications that do not include the above information and / or are overdue will be considered invalid. Participants will receive a response to their entry via email by July 20th.

Useful information

Seminar title:
Theatrical Connections 2

Methoni, Messinia

31/07 – 08/08/2021
(31 / 07– day of attendance, 08/08 – day of departure, 01 – 07/08 duration of the seminar)

Total seminar hours:
40 hours

Seminar Cost
(includes accommodation and visits to historical – natural monuments):
190 euros * (early bird – payment until 19/07, as well as for students of AEI-TEI, students of drama schools and actors with a lack of SEI) or
220 euros (for payment until 25/07)

Information – Applications:

Telephone: 210 34 11 651 (Mon. – Fri .: 12:00 – 16:00)


For the conduct of the seminar, all the necessary sanitary measures will be observed, which will be valid by the competent authorities during the period of its implementation. In case of cancellation or inability to hold the event, due to government decisions related to the pandemic, there will be a refund.