Theatrical Connections

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1st Seminar Theatrical Connections – Methoni, Messinia
The Multi-active Art Group Fabrica Athens crossed the cosmopolitan borders of Athens and for the first year transferred its educational activity to the diverse countryside of Greece.

Our team held the 1st seminar “Theatrical Connections” in the coastal Methoni of Messinia in August 2020, while at the same time organized a summer Cultural Week with activities and events for all ages.

The main goal of the theatrical seminar was the exchange and the creation of connections between the participants and the organizers of the seminar with the provincial city that hosted the action and its inhabitants. This was achieved through the implementation of free actions and events for the public of Methoni, which had as a point of reference the people of the theatrical seminar.

The seminar was attended by 11 participants – artists from Athens and London, while the organizing – educational mission of Fabrica Athens consisted of 5 people. The participants of the workshop enjoyed moments of artistic research, creation and recreation 24/7, since the experience of the seminar in nature, included:

  • Accommodation at Camping Methoni (10 steps, literally, from the sandy beach).
  • Visits to monuments of historical importance (Kapodistrian Mutual School of Methoni, Methoni Castle) and places of natural beauty (walk in the city).
  • Participation as artists – animators in recreational events for the residents and vacationers of the area.

In addition, it should be noted that all this would have been impossible without the invaluable support of the local community. Despite the difficulties and the peculiarity of the times, the people of Methoni enthusiastically supported and participated in all the activities of the Cultural Summer that we designed for them.

More specifically, the local and tourist public of the Messinian city, within 10 days attended the following open – free actions:

  1.  Daily Yoga on the beach of Camping Methoni
  2.  1 Circus Lab and Skills Laboratory, Circus Lab
  3.  2 Soap Bubble Shows, Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show
  4.  2 Performances with Fires, Fire Show
  5.  1 Musical performance – live entitled “A guitar two voices”
  6.  1 Performance Circus with 13 artists, Circus Variete
  7.  1 Site Specific Performance Walking entitled “Connections”. This play was created during the 10 days of the seminar “Theatrical Connections”. The performance was directed by the place itself, as participants and trainers were inspired by the unique elements that govern it for its creation (history, mythology, geography, geology, tradition, people, experiences, etc.).

It is equally important to note the local sponsors who supported the “Theatrical Links”:

  • Camping Methoni
  • Modon Restaurant
  • Kitchen “Katsarola”
  • The Tavern “O Alector”
  • Surrealism Café – Bar
  • Street Art Café
  • Greophone Creperie

While at the same time we would like to thank them warmly for their selfless offer:

who contributed significantly to the whole process, with the guided tours and the concession of the Cultural Center of Methoni.

A piece of history

The relationship of the theatrical organization of Fabrica Athens with the city of Methoni was built gradually. After 4 years of summer tours in Methoni and the Costa Navarino Resort, our team managed to turn a dream into a piece of history.

To bring theater – art close to nature (since the former feeds on the latter and only close to it finds strong roots), but also to bring culture outside the major urban centers, to more remote areas, such as Methoni.

This for a self-managed group like ours is a big first step to continue to organize and carry out cultural activities, such as the “Theatrical Connections”. As Fabrica Athens’s research scope extends to the use of theater and other performing arts as a social and anthropological tool, the team aims to invest in:

  1. Actions addressed to remote areas of Greece and to an audience with fewer cultural opportunities.
  2. Artistic interventions that create cultural – social – human connections and a channel of communication and
  3. Cultural activities that have a multifaceted impact on the place and its people, with the aim of their positive development.