Theater of research – Fabrica lab 2020

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Registrations have started! The annual workshop Theater of Research continues its course for the 8th consecutive year at the Fabrica Artspace. Improved and renewed as every year, its object is the education and training of Artists – Performers in Theatrical Research, Creation and Education.

Research Theater – The workshop can be attended individually or in combination with other courses of the Fabrica Lab, but also in the framework of the Theatrical Research and Creation Program “Dimensional Actor”.

Lab Content & Objectives:

In the annual course “Theater of Research” participants will be trained as “Dimensional Performers”, ie Performers, who:

-They self-manage their art

They learn how to research, to be independent creators and trainers of visual arts, but also how to be efficient with their presence in a team and in the hands of another creator

– They have a multidimensional view of the performing arts and are equipped with the right tools to maneuver in a variety of interpretive ways.

They receive a comprehensive theatrical training and multiple stimuli in order to choose their own specialization in the performing arts. They know practically and theoretically the physical theater, the devised theater, the street theater / street performance, the site specific performance and the theater as a social and anthropological tool (social theater).

During the 3 semesters of the annual theatrical workshop, the trainees will be trained on world-known methods and techniques of physical theater, but also techniques that have been developed through the path of the Research Theater itself. More specifically, participants will practice ground acrobatics, Jerzy Grotowski and Odin Teatret physical theater techniques, yoga and qigong practices, mime and theatrical clown techniques, and Susan Batson acting techniques.

In more detail per teaching semester:

October ǀ November ǀ December

“Scuba diving”

In the 1st semester the participants:

-They redefine their presence in the here and now.

-Discover the tools they have as performers / performers (body, mind and emotion).

-They extend the limits of their physical and mental endurance and learn to manage energy in various bodily actions.

-They locate their visible and invisible masks and work on bringing themselves to the “zero point” or “white cloth”, where everything is recorded from the beginning.

-They work intensively with the center of the body to expand consciousness in movement and release breath.

January ǀ February ǀ March


During the 2nd quarter,

-The participants are suggested in the relation of the body with the sound that it produces (embodied sound).

-Practitioners discover their natural – primitive sound and work on strengthening their respiratory system and body speakers.

-Irritable bonds of the individual are created with the whole and they re-create relations with the surrounding space and the objects / bodies that it includes.

April ǀ May ǀ June


In the last quarter of the workshop the trainees:

They organize the practical and theoretical material that they have collected and produced by themselves.

They create their personal training, which they are invited to share with the team.

They present the documentary material they have created in a directed composition.

Certificate of Attendance:

At the end of the laboratory cycle, the participants receive an official Certificate of Attendance from the Theatrical Organization of Fabrica Athens.

Finally, although the annual “Theater of Research” workshop is independent, those interested are encouraged to continue their studies in the “Theatrical Research and Training Program” of Fabrica Athens, which lasts one or two more years. In this the trainees continue the 2nd year deepening in “Alalagmos – Part B ‘”. At the same time, they create an ensemble performance and, based on the peer-to-peer method, are trained to teach younger learners. In the 3rd year, a separate work is done with each trainee to create a solo performance. More details about the “Theatrical Research and Education Program” click here.

Target Audience:

The training is aimed at professional artists (performers, actors, dancers, etc.), students of documentaries and other arts, but also people with less experience in the (performing) arts, who have the mood and availability to work in a dynamic group centered on the theater.


To register, those interested need to send an email to with the subject “Annual Research Theater Laboratory”, which will include:


-Portrait photo

-Contact details (phone, email)

trainer: Fanis Katechos.


Course: Theater of Research

Where: Fabrica Artspace

When: Every Wednesday or Thursday, 17:00 – 20:00

(The posted program is indicative. Those interested are kindly requested to contact the Fabrica Athens team for the hours of the classes, as they will be configured based on their own needs and can range from morning, noon and afternoon. In addition, they have the ability to create closed sections with their familiar faces. All departments are small. Due to the special circumstances it is necessary to book a place by phone and to be informed 1 day in advance in case of cancellation. The sections that will be created will be closed and their configuration will be completed by the beginning of November. )

Cost: For packages and information contact us at the following details

Reservations: +30 6973597570 (by phone)

Information:, 210 34 11 651 (Monday to Friday, 12:00 – 16:00)