Stilt Seminar – Fabrica Lab

Stilts Seminar at the annual Fabrica Lab A three-hour seminar for the first contact with the spectacular art of Stilts. Stilt Art is coming to the 7th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival. A workshop for those who want to get in touch with the art of Stiltwalking and want to enrich their skills. The workshop […]

Fabrica Athens seminars at the 6th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival

The multiactive Art Group Fabrica Athens organizes for the 6th consecutive year the Festival of Handmade and Recyclable Theater. Fabrica artspace, its handmade theatrical stage Fabrica Stage, but also the spaces collaborating with the Festival (Pyroliki and Rythm Hoppers) will host a number of arts, which will be represented by renowned, but also young artists. […]