Suzuki Meetings Training for Actors – Fabrica Lab 2020

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Suzuki Training for Actors – Fabrica Lab 2020
Suzuki Training Weekly Meetings for Actors at the Fabrica artspace. The multiactive Art Group Fabrica Athens, in the context of its artistic research, includes for the 2nd year in the program of Fabrica Lab the theatrical meetings based on the Suzuki Training method for Actors.

Suzuki Actors Training Meetings – The meetings can be attended individually (drop-in), in a monthly package with or without other Fabrica Lab courses, as well as in the framework of the Theatrical Research and Creation Program “Dimensional Actor”.

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Suzuki Training Meetings for Actors

The purpose of the meetings is to create a common place and time, where performing artists have the opportunity to learn about the Suzuki Method for Actors and to train together, based on its techniques. The need to hold meetings and disseminate the world-renowned Suzuki method arose after the meeting coordinator participated in the Suzuki Training summer program in Japan with Tadashi Suzuki, Kameron H. Steele and Aki Sato-Johnson. By encouraging their students to share the method and continue to train with a group, the meetings are not so much a lesson as a lesson, but a willingness to build a group theatrical practice environment based on the technical / physical code and the values ​​of the method. Suzuki.

A few words about the Suzuki method:

An MRI reveals to the patient where they are located and what are the deep problems of his body. The theatrical method of Tadashi Suzuki for the actor-performer works in the same way.

The Suzuki practitioner has the opportunity to find out where he is sick, just like the MRI scanner does. The only difference between the theatrical method Suzuki and the tomograph is the following: the first, in addition to showing you where the disease is, gives the actor-performer the opportunity to be healed.

So, the Suzuki Method is a world-renowned theatrical workout that:

Highlights in the actor – performer unresolved knots and obstacles.

-Through practice he solves and overcomes the obstacles that appear.

-Gives the actor-performer the ability to manage his energy level and makes him ready.

Encourages practitioners to live in the “question” instead of the “answer” and to constantly strive for their improvement.

Those interested in participating in the meetings are kindly requested to wear comfortable, black sportswear with a fitted line and to have white, sports socks with them.

Coordinator: Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti


Course: Suzuki Training for Actors

Where: Fabrica Artspace

When: Every Tuesday, 18:30 – 20:00

(The posted program is indicative. Those interested are kindly requested to contact the Fabrica Athens team for the hours of the classes, as they will be configured based on their own needs and will be able to range from morning, noon and afternoon. In addition, they have the opportunity creation of closed sections with their familiar persons. All sections are small. Due to the special circumstances it is necessary to book a place by phone and to be informed 1 day in advance in case of cancellation. Priority order is observed.)

Drop cost: 3 euros (+ VAT)

(For course packages and information contact us at the following details)

Reservations: +30 6949409474 (by phone & by SMS)

Information:, 210 34 11 651 (Monday to Friday, 12:00 – 16:00)