Seven deadly sins- Fabrica Athens Theater Group- from 21/11/2017

ΕΠΤΑ θανάσιμα αμαρτήματα- Fabrica Athens Theater Group- Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα

Seven: The magic number of integration and new beginning. Deadly: they wear down your flesh, they trap your soul, they throw you into the old puddle. Sins: An evil sense, an excessive passion that goes beyond the limits of our own or of others.
Seven deadly sins.
Are our actions really sinful or can our thoughts also be redemptive? Where will your lust lead you and where will you get with the rage? What does envy mean, how do you feel about your arrogance and how it laziness? How gluttonous can you be and where will you end up with your greed?
The body speaks. The body pulsates. The body reacts. And the voice invites you in a performance where there are no obligations or resistances!

The open, multicultural group of art Fabrica Athens consists of young artists who think of theater as a “fabrica”, as a factory of ideas and arts. Through the process of workshops that are focused on research theater, six members of the group were led to the co-creation of a performance, based from the beginning on our own needs and our personal ways of expression.

The seven deadly sins as an idea became the motivation for Fabrica Athens Theater Group to investigate and discover our thoughts about sins through body, speech and imagination. Our personal views were transformed into collective experiences and managed to blend different images into a show where everything is done by everyone.
Is it a sin …. ?

The show was presented in the 4th handmade & recycled theater festival at Technohoros Fabrica and is considered for us  a continuous work-in-progress project.

You can watch the trailer of the performance here:

Credits:                                                                                                                                                               Direction- Training: Fanis Katehos
Cast: Fay Ioannidou, Babis Loukopoulos, Katerina Markezini, Fany Mitsopoulou, Joanna Michaliadi-Sarti
Music- Lightning- Scenery- Costumes: Fabrica Athens Theater Group
Duration: 60 minutes
Performances: From November 14, 2016 until December 20, 2016
Every Monday and Tuesday at 21:00
Area: Technohoros Fabrica, Megalou Alexandrou 125, Kerameikos
Reservations: 6937877127
Entrance free contribution

Why free contribution?

Theater is a right and a spiritual need. Everyone should be able to have access to it. The ticket is a compulsive process and often deprives this right from people. We believe in the free will of the audience to evaluate what they watched. To honor or discredit a show.

Free contribution. Because you are also free. You have an opinion, a view and an argument. Because we have democracy and even if we don’t feel it in its ideal form in our lives, we can have it in our art. In the theatre. As we believe it, we support it, we love it.

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