Seminar at Theater 104 – The Narrative Body

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Seminar at Theater 104 with Fanis Katechos on February 16, 2019.

The Seminar “The Narrative Body” with Fanis Katechos took place at Theater 104 and was the 2nd collaboration of Fabrica Athens with the Panhellenic Network for Theater in Education.

Based on the connections between body, sound, imagination, psychosynthesis and environment, the seminar “The Narrative Body” comes to ask questions.

  • How can we isolate them, explore them and then reconstruct them?
  • How can a “visceral” connection with the public be created?
  • When does the body begin to tell a story?

During the five-hour workshop:

  • Emphasis was placed on creating a group ritual way of working.
  • we approached with the surreal physical everyday.
  • We woke up the intuitive body.
  • We increased the sensitivity of sight and hearing.
  • We expanded the horizon of imagination.
  • We redefined our function within the whole and the power of collective energy.
  • We entered the process of detecting our true sound and the power of silence.

Through the whole and each as a unit we tried to discover our limits, to break them and to recreate new ones. We found ourselves playing with balance and imbalance and got out of our safety belts so that we could discover something that already exists within us but is forgotten.

The availability of the teachers who participated in the seminar was touching, giving signs of change and fresh mood in the field of education. In addition, important and unexpected was the direct effect of the seminar on the participants, offering them rejuvenation and new material to study for the use of theater in education.