Presentation & Analysis of the Artistic Network of the Fabrica Athens Artspace

Gephi-ρώνοντας την Τέχνη-Πάντειο Πανεσπιστήμιο-Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα
Presentation & Analysis of the Artistic Network of the Fabrica Athens Artspace

Students of the Postgraduate Program in Cultural Management of Panteion University 2016-2017 under the supervision of Associate Professor Giannis Skarpelos and Dr. Andrea Zachariadis, researched the action of the Fabrica Athens Artspace using modern technological tools for the analysis of social artistic networks, collecting and processing data during the period October 2016 – January 2017.

The theory of networks

Small World Effect

In the 1960s Stanley Milgram conducted an experiment to show how small our world is after all. He asked a number of people to forward a letter intended for a complete stranger. Many of the letters did not reach their destination, but ¼ of these letters reached their final recipient, even after passing an average of six people.

Social Network Analysis

The result of Social Network Analysis (SNA) utilizes the Theory of Networks and explores the social relationships that develop between individuals. These networks are represented by graphs (network diagrams) in which nodes are represented as circles and relationships / links are represented as lines. The particularly interesting visual effect is revealing for the intensity and quality of the artistic collaborations in conditions of inspiration and creation in the years of crisis with zero funding and awkward national policies for culture.

Research methodology for the Fabrica Athens Artspace

  • Collection of information from the internet (Fabrica Athens website, Facebook pages, publications of press releases in electronic magazines), printed material (posters, event programs) and publications in the press.

Free interview with Fanis Katechos, founding member of Fabrica Artspace.

  • Data mining of the digital social networking of Fabrica Athens from Facebook with the netvizz application.
  • Data cleaning using Open Office Calc and their introduction in the Gephi application for statistical analysis and visualization of the Network.
The quantitative data of the research are reflected in the interactive network:

The qualitative analysis of the data is described in the paper:

Fabricas Study – Panteion 2017.pdf