Theater of Panic
The art group Theater of Panic was created in 2010. It aims at the coexistence of artists from different disciplines, who work collectively in order to create material within a common aesthetic field, using their work as a mean to tackle the crisis we experience individually but also as a country. The art we create is a cry … it challenges the boundaries of body and speech, investigate into memories and plays with the senses, in order to create our own path between past and future.



The KABOOM aspires to be an open and continuous evolving project, using as a cornerstone the idea of ​​collectivity. It constitutes of our response to the need of daily records of an era “… without boundaries, unconditional.”

The co-relation of the stories of the day and chat with nightlights deserves new points of view.
Creative ideas, groundbreaking views and the fresh analysis are worth being diffused horizontally, to be discussed, to be enriched. All these animations in the between of the urban fabric deserve to be recorded.

We make a magazine that we lacked as readers. A magazine that gives space for expression to the new, the innovative, that remarkable that is not afraid to take a stand toward reality.


Art Play :

Play with the art!


We – Collective Culture Group:

“We” are a group of restless people who desire the constant between “us” communication, exchange and process ideas, aiming at making cultural activities. A multi-artistic move that expands continuously through a collective and solidaristic self management.

Defending the right to diversity and individuality of each person, we demand an environment of free expression, accessible to the entire spectrum of society.

Each innovative thought, every original idea, any practical solution every capable hand, every voice, every sensitive spirit, it has a special place among “us.”