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Online Courses from Fabrica Athens
The courses and educational programs of the Fabrica Lab, as well as the hosted courses of the Fabrica Artspace continue online!

Fabrica Athens, after the latest developments, and the cessation of all the activities of the Fabrica Artspace, starts online training courses and workshops. From Monday 16/11 until the live meetings are allowed, it invites you to a number of online courses.

Research Theater, Yoga, Flexibility and Empowerment, Qi Gong Shen Dao, Pilates, Kinetic Meditation and Contemporary Acrobatic Dance are the courses offered by Fabrica Athens trainers and partners.

The online training courses that are offered, are addressed to everyone who seeks creative uses of their free time in these difficult days and wants to know the educational activities of the team.

More information about the Fabrica Athens theater group can be found here.

The courses that will make up the online course are:


Yoga classes are a personal encounter with the breath, body and mind.

The space and what it includes.

Meeting with the inside, the outside and the space between them.

With pause and silence.

A link to I Am That.

One step towards True Nature.

The aim of these courses is to be a small retreat or otherwise a short break in everyday life. To create space and time for personal training and relaxation of the body and mind, so that the practitioner returns refreshed to the whole.

Learn more details here.

Every Saturday

11:00 – 12:00

To participate in the online course it is necessary to book a place in time by email:

trainer: Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti

Power Streching

In this course we will aim at both muscle strengthening and alertness, as well as the rearrangement of muscles and joints able to support any movement and quality of movement. With alternations of stretching exercises and strengthening exercises we create a strong and elastic body, reducing the chances of injuries.

The course is aimed at professionals and amateurs, dancers, actors and people of all levels in motion.

Learn more details here.

Every Tuesday and Friday

16: 00-18: 00

To participate in the online course it is necessary to book a place in time by email:

trainer: Natassa Arabatzi

QiGong – ShenDao

Qigong-ShenDao is based on the normal and basic principles of movement. Through this, we discover that every movement of our body is the consequence of an internal movement of energy. Its practice leads to a better functioning of the nervous and musculoskeletal system, as well as the internal organs. It offers us health and well-being and allows us to reconnect with joy and Life. For those who engage in a form of physical / artistic expression, ShenDao is a valuable tool as it enhances vitality and presence, giving flow and precision to movement. In a first phase, it allows us to be a conduit of energy, to guide it and to store it.

Learn more details here.

Every Wednesday

19:30 – 21:00

To participate in the online course it is necessary to book a place in time by email:

trainer: Emilios Italikos


Pilates method avoids high impact, high power output, and heavy muscular and skeletal loading. The exercises are performed on the special mat (mat) with special accessories (props) such as large and small balls, rings, rubber bands, rollers.

The benefits of pilates are many, such as pain relief, balance, flexibility, strength and muscle endurance, spine decompression, orthosomal improvement. This can improve musculoskeletal problems such as scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and lower back pain.

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Every Wednesday & Friday 19: 30-20: 30 and Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday 12:00 – 13:00

In order to participate in the online course, it is necessary to book a place in time by email:

trainer: Fani Karantoni

Movement Medicine

Meditation • Dance and Physical Expression

The online sessions of Movement Medicine Greece started spontaneously due to the special circumstances of last spring. It soon turned out that the online experience was extremely beneficial for many people, with different levels of experience and a connection to movement and meditation. And so they continued from the beginning of this season, before the news came to us about the new restrictions, bringing together people from many different parts of Greece and Europe. The goal is to keep moving together, with what we have right now and what is coming, and to do the best we can to stay active, creative and in touch!

What Movement Medicine is; Movement Medicine is a physical practice of motor meditation / awareness through movement that combines the pleasure of our dance with the focus of mindfulness – in motion! Together, it brings the wisdom of shamanic understanding of our precious relationship with nature and the world around us. It invites us to breathe, to return to our body, to listen to it and to let it “translate” our experience into movement.

Learn more details here.

Every Monday

20: 30-21: 45

In order to participate in the online course, it is necessary to book in advance at the email:

trainer: Maria Varela

Contemporary Acrobatic Dance

Our online courses include warm-up, empowerment, flexibility and short choreography. We start with strengthening the core to warm up, we continue with stretching the muscles and tendons to maintain the range of their movements and their proper perspiration to avoid injuries.

We stay at home. We stay active.

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Every Tuesday and Thursday

17:00 – 18:30

To participate in the online course it is necessary to book a place in time by email:

trainer: Georgia Kotokou