In And Out – Memories

The Multi-active Group of Art Fabrica Athens and the German organization Mostar Friedensprojekt e.V. invites you to the 5th Theater Youth Exchange Program “In and Out”.

Since 2016, every fall 20 young people, rising artists from Greece and Germany have been meeting in Athens and Berlin for two eight-day theater workshops. Within less than 15 days, participants from both countries, are guided by and use the art of the theater, so as to know each other and work together to create a performance. However, in view of the global circumstances, video and film art will be included in the theater program this year and the participants will thus have the opportunity to explore their relationship with performing arts. The theme of this year’s exchange is called “Memories”.

The topic:

We are (individually and collectively) a collection of memory and memories, which we have constantly experienced since the beginning of Time and which, with mathematical accuracy, lead us to what we are in the present moment.But from these memory and memories, only a few we can recollect. Some emerge at unforeseen time and others are forgotten, even though they are always there.In our mind, there may be a myriad of memories that we use every day or every once in a while. But there’s always the body and the soul, in which memories are captured transparently and they follow us quietly.

This memory, but also the memories, we’ll meet to strengthen and discover the fundamental, maybe unique tool we have as performers — artists, ourselves (body and mind), as well as the rest of the team we form.The theme of the seminar “Memories” will be approached through the path of the Research Theater, drawn by trainer, director and actor of Fabrica Athens, Fanis Katechos. The seminar workshops will be initiated by the seminar itself, as will the group’s perform and trainer, Joan Nino (Giovanna).

In this context, the participants will work among others on the following:

  • Composition of unbroken links between people in a set
  • Extension of the limits of physical and mental resistance
  • Widening physical consciousness (body, sound, music) and bidirectional concentration, redefining the relationship with the environment and its objects.
  • Energy management in a variety of physical operations
  • Training of memory capacity through physical actions and withdrawal of physical, primordial memory.
  • Know the affinity of breath to body sound and the use of speech.
  • Finding the personal role within a group, taking responsibility and completing the relevant actions
  • Practical and theoretical research and experimentation leading to decision-making and the creation of original action projects
The Project organizers will take into account all the sanitary measures for Covid-19 designated by the competent bodies of Greece and Germany for the best and safest experience of the participants.