Hoop Dance – Fabrica Lab 2020

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Hoop Dance – Fabrica Lab 2020
Hoop Dance ǀ Dance with Hula Hoop

Private and group Hoop Dance lessons at the Fabrica Artspace. The Fabrica Athens multiactive Art Group includes for the first year in the Fabrica Lab 2020 program the original, playful dance lessons with Hula Hoop.

Hoop Dance – The lessons can be attended individually (drop-in), in a monthly package with or without other Fabrica Lab lessons. There is the possibility of private lessons, but also in group classes.

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Hoop Dance – Dance with Hula Hoop

For those who like dance, acrobatics, juggling or all three, Hoop dance is the ideal combination of them in one lesson! Widespread mainly in the USA, but also in some parts of Europe, Hoopdance (the dance with a wreath – hula hoop), is a special way of expression, exercise and fun.

The Hoop dance course is aimed at those who are bored of dancing on their own, those who like dancing and acrobatic elements in it and those who like to learn themselves by connecting with something outside of themselves, the experimentation and the acquisition of new skills.

This course is open to all levels. The courses are private or in small groups and personal work is done with each participant separately. Within an hour and a half, hoopdancers practice the basic principles of hoop dance, learn trick with the wreath (depending on the level of each), which in the end we include in a choreography (hoopography).

trainer: Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti


Course: Hoop Dance – Dance with Hula Hoop

Where: Fabrica artspace

When: Every Saturday 10:00 – 11:30

(The posted program is indicative. Those interested are kindly requested to contact the Fabrica Athens team for the hours of the classes, as they will be configured based on their own needs and will be able to range from morning, noon and afternoon. In addition, they have the opportunity creating closed sections with their familiar faces. All sections are small. Due to the special circumstances it is necessary to book a place by phone and to be informed 1 day in advance in case of cancellation. Priority order is observed.)

Drop in cost: 10 euros (+ VAT) (For packages and information contact us at the following details)

Reservations: +30 6949409474 (by phone & by SMS)

Information: researchtheater@gmail.com, 210 34 11 651 (Monday to Friday, 12:00 – 16:00)