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Growing Up is Hard to Do – Youth Exchange, Erasmus +
The youth exchange program “Growing up is hard to do” organized by the NGO Mostar Friedensprojekt E.V. in Bremen, Germany was completed with positive feedback from participants.

In this program, which took place from July 25 to August 3, the multiactive Art Group Fabrica Athens, in addition to its participation with four young men and women from different parts of Greece, also participated in the educational process. By conducting two workshops using techniques of the Theater of Research, which for several of the participants were their first contact with the world of theater, individual and collective expression was attempted in relation to the objectives of the program. The workshops were conducted by Stevi Theodosiou, a trainee of the “Research Theater” laboratory.

In addition to the Greek delegation, participants from Germany, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia were together for ten days. They wondered, explored their boundaries, lived in the same house, learned to share space respecting each other, and came together discovering their similarities and accepting their differences. Starting with the exploration of the process of adulthood, this program was for many a transformative experience.

At the end of the program, the members of the Greek participation shared with us through a few words, their experience:


  • Adriana Maltezeanou

In this program entitled “Growing Up is Hard To Do”, we really realized that this is true. It was a terrific experience that will forever be etched in my mind. The people I met and the memories we created together are unforgettable. We bonded in a way that is very rare, it is something that does not happen often but this is the magic of Erasmus +. The workshops during the program were interesting and interactive, we learned a lot about adulthood, how to manage our failures, the LGBTQI + community, but also the experiences of other people I am really grateful to have shared.

  • Nikos Psarras

My name is Psarras Nikolaos and a few days ago I participated in the Erasmus youth + program “Growing Up is Hard to do” in Bremen, Germany from 25/7 to 3/8. For me personally it was a very good experience as I learned more about adolescence and In adulthood, I spent time with people I met for the first time and we exchanged ideas and opinions on many different topics! Overall it was a wonderful experience that I will most likely remember forever!


  • Anastasia Dalamaga

My experience in Germany was very good. I met people from the Balkans for the first time, breaking down some stereotypes in my mind. I saw Bremen with its beautiful gothic architecture, catholic churches and the lake. I learned about adulthood and its challenges and finally, I cried and laughed. So, I lived!


  • Nektarios Sougleris

Erasmus and Fabrica were in a village in Bremen for 10 days. 10 days very special, very special. I can not talk about this program and not get excited and not smile at the same time. The greatest gift that Fabrica gave me was that it gave me the opportunity to live these days with people from different countries of our planet and to attend the activities that took place during the program. What I learned from this program is that we are all so different and so same at the same time. Of course I can not thank our leader Stevi Theodosiou who made this experience even more beautiful !!! Thank you Fabrica for this unforgettable experience !!


[Thanks to Adriana Maltezeanou for the logo she created]