Fanis Katehos

Fabrica Athens

Fanis Katehos graduated from the Drama School “Iakovos Kampanelis” in Municipality of Agia Varvara and he continued training next to Gilles Forman (Centre for Acting, London), Eugenio Barba (Odin Theater, Denmark), Raul Laiza/ Mario Barzaghi/ Matej Matejka (Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw) and Kitt Johnson (X- act, Denmark). In addition, he has attended numerous seminars which include Territory Festival (Russia), INI Summer Intensive Programme (Japan) and workshops from the masters of Astragali Teatro.

As a theatre trainer he collaborates with the Korydallos Psychiatric Establishment for Prisoners, the Nazim Hitmek Akademi Korosu (Constantinople), the Department of Architecture of the Alicante University (Spain), Mostar Organisation (Bosnia), Asociacion Juvenil Inter- A.J Inter (Spain) and the Drama School “Iakovos Kampanelis” of the Municipality of Agia Varvara. He also holds seminars in Fabrica Athens Theatre Group and in European Youth Programs.

As an actor, director and coacher he has taken part in a great number of plays. His latest performances were “Land without Man”, “Faith” and “7 Deadly Sins” of Fabrica Athens Theatre Group. As for the Art of Circus, he was the first to bring Bubble Performing to Greece with the “Mr and Mrs Bubble- The Show” performance. He is co-founder of the “Fabrica Athens Theatre Group” Art Team, Fabrica Athens Art Space, and the creator and organiser of the “Handmade and Recycled Theatre Festival”.