Fabrica Lab 2020

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Fabrica Lab 2020 – Registrations are open!

The courses and educational programs of the Fabrica Lab start at Fabrica artspace!

Fabrica Lab returns for the 3rd year with a ten-day open course at the 8th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival! From September 24 to October 4, the public will have the opportunity to try the multidimensional educational program of the most handmade art space in Athens.

This year, the experienced trainers of the Fabrica Athens Multi-Action Art Group will conduct a variety of courses and workshops, while integrating valuable and specialized collaborators into the Fabrica Lab.

Research Theater, Yoga, Suzuki Meetings for Actors, Acrobatic Dance, Qi Gong Shen Dao, Stilts and Hoop Dance are the courses that will make up this year’s Lab program.

The drop in courses, the annual cycles of the workshops, the trainings, but also the seminars are addressed both to the general public and to professional and student artists (actors, performers, dancers, etc.).

The departments of Fabrica Lab 2020 will be small, while those interested will have the opportunity to create closed departments with their relatives. In addition, interested parties are invited to contact the team for class hours, as the posted schedule is indicative. The schedule of the courses will be adjusted based on their own needs and will be able to range from breakfast, lunch and afternoon.

More information about the Fabrica Athens theater group can be found here.

Fabrica Lab courses, workshops & programs:
Theater of Research

Content & Objectives of the Workshop: The annual workshop “Theater of Research” improved and renewed as every year, has as its object the training and training of Artists – Performers in Theatrical Research, Creation and Education.

In the annual course of the Theater of Research, participants will be trained as “Dimensional Performers”, ie Performers, who self-manage their art, have a multidimensional view of the performing arts and are equipped with the appropriate tools to to maneuver in a variety of interpretive ways.

At the end of the workshop cycle, participants receive an official Certificate of Attendance from the Theatrical Organization of Fabrica Athens.

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trainer: Fanis Katechos.

Modern Acrobatic Dance

During the lessons we will research the kinetic vocabulary of modern dance and we will work on both the physical capabilities (technique, dynamics, flow, balance and acrobatics) as well as the expansion of our dance memory. We will explore the possibilities of sequencing small and larger dance / kinetic combinations, and their functionality in space. We will play with the alternations in the composition of these combinations (sequence, quality and speed).

The aim of the course is to find the mechanics of each movement and its possible alternations, to play the limits of a three-dimensional movement in space and to develop a choreographically complex result that will emerge through simpler kinetic materials.

The course is aimed at people of all levels in contemporary dance.

trainer: Natasa Arabatzi

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Yoga classes are a personal encounter with the breath, body and mind.

The space and what it includes.

Meeting with the inside, the outside and the space between them.

With pause and silence.

A link to I Am That.

One step towards True Nature.

The aim of these courses is to be a small retreat or otherwise a short break in everyday life. To create space and time for each person for personal training and relaxation of the body and mind, so that the trainee returns refreshed to the whole.

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trainer: Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti

Suzuki Training Meetings

The purpose of the meetings is to create a common place and time, where performing artists have the opportunity to learn about the Suzuki Method for Actors and to train together, based on its techniques. The need to hold meetings and disseminate the world-renowned Suzuki method arose after the meeting coordinator participated in the Suzuki Training summer program in Japan with Tadashi Suzuki, Kameron H. Steele and Aki Sato-Johnson. By encouraging their students to share the method and continue to train with a group, the meetings are not so much a lesson as a lesson, but a willingness to build a group theatrical practice environment based on the technical / physical code and the values ​​of the method. Suzuki.

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Coordinator: Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti

Hoop Dance – Dance with Hula Hoop

For those who like dance, acrobatics, juggling or all three, Hoop dance is the ideal combination of them in one lesson! A lesson of expression, gymnastics and fun.! Hoop dance is aimed at those who are bored of dancing on their own, those who like dancing and acrobatic elements in it and those who like to learn themselves through their connection with something outside of themselves, experimentation and the acquisition of new skills.

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trainer: Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti

QiGong – ShenDao

Qigong-ShenDao is based on the normal and basic principles of movement. Through this, we discover that every movement of our body is the consequence of an internal movement of energy. Its practice leads to a better functioning of the nervous and musculoskeletal system, as well as the internal organs. It offers us health and well-being and allows us to reconnect with joy and Life. For those who engage in a form of physical / artistic expression, ShenDao is a valuable tool as it enhances vitality and presence, giving flow and precision to movement. In a first phase, it allows us to be a conduit of energy, to guide it and to store it.

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trainer: Emilios Italikos

Pilates mat & props

Pilates method avoids high impact, high power output, and heavy muscular and skeletal loading. Pilates method avoids high impact, high power output, and heavy muscular and skeletal loading.The benefits that will be gained from pilates are many, such as pain relief, balance, flexibility, strength and muscle endurance, decompression of the spine, improvement of orthosomy. This can improve musculoskeletal problems such as scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and lower back pain.

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trainer: Fani Karantoni

“Dimensional Performer” Theatrical Research and Training Program

The “Theatrical Research and Training Program” of Fabrica Lab was formed after years of fermentation by Fabrica Athens with:

The research of modern and traditional theatrical methods, performing arts and practices

The training of young performers and theatrical ensembles

The use of theater as a social and anthropological tool, as well as as a tool of non-formal education (social theater, theater in formal and nonformal education)

The aim of the program is to train “Dimensional Performers”, attending a set of courses. The “Dimensional Actor”, is the one who:

-Self-manages his art

-He is a creator: He works creatively and with the best performance within a team, but also on his own

-Can and does work at high endurance limits, like an athlete.

-It has a multidimensional view of art and can be maneuvered in a variety of interpretive ways