Fabrica Athens Theater Group takes part in the “Express it: EU + Immigration + Refugees” in Spain

Express it: EU + Immigration + Refugees

Fabrica Athens Theater Group participated in the European program “Express it: EU + Immigration + Refugees”.

In the 10-day European program “Express it: EU + Immigration + Refugees”, held in Spain with 30 participants from 6 countries and organized by AJ INTER, Fabrica Athens Theater Group, a multifunctional art group, contributed to fulfilling its theatrical approach of the refugee, migratory, human issue. Through various theatrical methods and exercises, the participants came closer to themselves, but closer to the subject of the program, finally creating a performance based on the theater of the oppressed, where the present audience was given the opportunity to propose solutions and to participate in their solution.

Summary of Project:

In EXPRESS IT, the participants talked about the current debate about immigration & refugees in
Europe. The aim was for young people to express theri opinions and experiences using artistic methods and to learn about migration process that is comprised of any kind of movement of:
– Individuals or group of people
– Refugees
– Displaced people
– Uprooted people
– Economic migrants

Objectives of the program:

-Know European values and analyze how they are materialized in Europe.
-To analyze and discuss the responses of each country to the refugee crisis and
increase of immigration, policies and support mechanisms that the EU offers to
immigrants and refugees.
-To analyze main causes of the current situation of immigration and refugee crises,
including internal and external sources of oppression.
-Share opinions and experiences of participants in situations of exclusion in similarity
to the experiences of immigrants and refugees.
-Make proposals for integration and tolerance based on European values using video
-Campaign against xenophobia in social networks to foster integration & tolerance &
to promote European values.

We’ll have a theatre exhibition in Social Centre for young people We will also use
games, simulations, debates & create a campaign in social media against