“European Cultural Heritage” – Call for Participation

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Connection with the European Cultural Heritage
On the occasion of the theme “European Cultural Heritage” the multiactive Art Group Fabrica Athens collaborates for the 2nd year with the Limit Gokyuzu Organization.
The Theatrical Group contributes to the artistic and educational context of the Youth Exchange organized by the Turkish Organization and invites young people from all over the country to participate with the Greek delegation.

The European Erasmus + program “Make a Connection with European Cultural Heritage” will take place from 11 to 21 April in Ankara, Turkey. There, 30 young people from Spain, Greece, Estonia, Romania, Turkey and Great Britain will meet.

With the use of various techniques from the theater, the arts (video, dance) the social and humanities and with creative games the participants will come in contact with the theme of the Exchange. Nine days full of actions, discussions, creation will be completed with a flash mob inspired by the testimonies of young people.

The Youth Exchange “Connection with the European Cultural Heritage” is addressed to those who are interested in the approach and discovery of the European Cultural Heritage from the alternative point of view of the arts and Erasmus +. Applications can be made by young people between the ages of 18 and 30. Applications will be accepted until February 17.

Participation in the Exchange Program, accommodation, food and transportation costs to and from Ankara are free. Participants are asked to pay a token amount of 10 euros and buy their airline tickets, the amount of which will be refunded by the organizing agency.

Those interested can send an email on “Cultural Heritage” to jmichasa@gmail.com. Please send your CV, the reason you wish to participate in the program and your contact details (phone, email).

A few words about the Exchange Program

  • To discover together our common cultural heritage.
  • The participants should develop their intercultural skills through art and theater.
  • To discover how prejudices and spreads prevent us from developing harmonious relationships with people, especially immigrants and refugees.
Specific goals:
  • The discovery of the elements that make up our culture through gastronomy, history, music and art.
  • How they come from different cultures.
  • What is the contribution of immigrants to our traditions.
  • Promoting emotional education to promote tolerance in different cultures through theater and creative games.
  • Understand the differences and common elements in the concepts of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Recognizing personal and collective stereotypes and prejudices we have about immigrants and refugees.
Expected results:
  • Conducting a campaign / demonstration to Stop the Spread of Rumors.
  • Promotion of the Erasmus + Youth Program and the year of European Cultural Heritage to the local population of Ankara.
  • Gaining awareness for refugees and immigrants.
  • Increase tolerance.
  • Collection of common traditions that we have in Europe.
  • More active youth.
  • Creativity, Personal and collective development and evolution through the arts.
  • Download on the SALTO website a manual related to the carried out activities and results.