Disconnect reconnect youth exchange based on Bicycle Theater

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Disconnect reconnect youth exchange based on Bicycle Theater

The project disconnect reconnect  is an exchange of young people based on applied theater, during which 24 participants from Greece and Germany meet themselves and each other in the enchanting countryside of western Pomerania. Within 12 days, everyone finds their role in the ensemble and together they form their own theatrical group to create a public performance, which they tour by bicycle in 3 German cities.

A few words about the history of the project

This summer project was designed by the German organization Mostar Friedens project in collaboration with the multi-active art group Fabrica Athens, after their many years of experience in implementing the “Research Theater” in youth mobility programs. The Research Theater s a theatrical practice developed by Fabrica Athens through its collaboration with Mostar, which uses original techniques that draw on the methods of Jerzy Grotowski, Konstantin Stanislavski, Eugenio Barba, Giles Forman, Suzan Batson, Augusto Boal, Kit Johnson and Tadashi Suzuki. The application of Research Theater in youth exchange programs promotes:

  1. Intercultural dialogue (based on Tadashi Suzuki’s thinking that culture is the body)
  2. The authentic expression in a safe challenging environment.
  3. Peer-to-peerteaching between participants.
  4. Fundamental human values, such as equality, respect, teamwork, a sense of personal responsibility and the positive thought and behavior and personal development.

While his techniques are adapted, based on the respective group, to a liberating and transformative experience.

More specifically for the program

The youth exchange program will take place from 6 to 17 July 2021 in Liepnitzee island of German. There the participants will meet with each other through a common experience that will include

1 accommodation in local camping in tents for two people

2 collective kitchen (and collective lunch)

3 self – organization: taking on creative activities and responsibilities

4 creative activities

5 theatrical workshops

6 creating a theatrical group and

7 creating public performance

From there they will continue on a five day performance cycling tour of the cities-stops Rheinsberg Neustrelitz. Along with the performances, they will have the chance to explore and browse through the program. It is important to note that that the route of the cycling race will depend on the level of exhaustion of the participants, at which time they will be given various alternatives.

The “Disconnect – Reconnect” news exchange is aimed at young people:
Get rid of the suspensions and frustrations it caused last year due to the pandemic and its consequences (Disconnect) and
Through their contact with nature, their participation in creative activities based on the art of theater and the challenges posed by this experience to find themselves with their authentic selves and to create authentic bonds with the participants of the program and the environment. (Reconnect)

The focus of the program will be on the theme “Freedom of Love”, which draws inspiration from Kurt Tucholsky’s book “Rheinsberg: A Storybook for Lovers”. Although the book was written over the weekend at the beginning of the last century (1912) it was a revelation, as it touched on topics such as passion, love, romance and sexual oppression. New entrants will be invited to approach the topic through the activities of the program and their own position on the topic.

Practical information

The youth exchange is addressed to young people aged 18 to 30, from all over Greece. In total, the Greek delegation will consist of 13 people, trying to maintain gender equality.

Participation in the activities of the program is free, while at the same time it covers the costs of accommodation, food, travel expenses to and from Germany and transportation to the venues.

Applications for participation
Those interested need to send by June 13 a request to participate in the email researchtheater@gmail.com with the subject “Bike Theater”, to which are attached:

Recent resume
Photo portrait and
A paragraph with the reason they wish to participate in the program
Applications that do not meet the above will be considered invalid and will not be considered.

All applicants will be notified of their participation in the program after the end of applications and until Tuesday 15 June.