“Dimensional Performer” Theatrical Research and Training Program

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“Dimensional Performer” Theatrical Research and Training Program

Theatrical Research and Education Program at Fabrica artspace.

Registrations have started!

The Fabrica Athens Multi-Active Art Group introduces for the first year a complete Theatrical Training Program for Actors and Performers.

Content and objectives of the program

The “Theatrical Research and Training Program” of Fabrica Lab was formed after years of fermentation by Fabrica Athens with:

1. The research of modern and traditional theatrical methods, performing arts and practices

2. The training of young performers and theatrical ensembles

3. The use of theater as a social and anthropological tool, as well as as a tool of non-formal education (social theater, theater in formal and nonformal education).

The aim of the program is the training of “Dimensional Performers”.

The “Dimensional Actor”, is the one who:

-This- manages his art

-He is creative: Works creatively and with the best performance within a team, but also alone.

-Can and operates at high endurance limits, like an athlete.

-It has a multidimensional view of art and can be maneuvered in a variety of interpretive ways.

By attending a set of courses the participants:

-Know the tools they have as a performer through methods and techniques of physical theater, as well as other practices

-Learn how to research in the artistic and educational process.

-They receive a comprehensive, practical training and a variety of stimuli on the theater, where everyone finds their specialization in the performing arts

-They create their personal method of theatrical practice

-Trained to be independent creators, performers and trainers.

They produce personal and group documentary material (short performances, events, act, etc.), which they can use at any time.

-They make their personal performance (solo performance) from scratch, which they have forever in their suitcase, so that they can be educated and educated by it.

The central pillar of the program is the course “Theater of Research“, the theatrical path introduced by the main inspirer of the program, Fanis Katechos. The “Research Theater” will include classes in other theatrical methods, performing arts and practices, such as Yoga, Qi-Gong-ShenDao, Acrobatic Dance and the Suzuki Method for Actors.

In addition, program participants will have the opportunity to attend with priority a series of seminars, programs and trainings that will be conducted by the Fabrica Athens team. Watching them will work positively in the most immediate and comprehensive training of the participants on how a professional theatrical team that lasts over time works and on the alternative ways of action of a performer-artist. Specifically:

-Training Training Course: Theater of Research

– Stilt training

– Youth Exchange Programs – Erasmus +

-Theatrical Youth Exchange Programs

-Seminars (Workshop) of various subjects

Program cycles:

The “Theatrical Research and Education Program” is divided into three annual cycles, of which:

-The 1st cycle is independent and the participants can only watch it.

-The 2nd cycle presupposes the monitoring of the 1st.

-The 3rd cycle is optional and presupposes the attendance of the previous two years.

Note that for each year the participants receive the appropriate certificate of attendance.


To register, those interested need to send an email to researchtheater@gmail.com with the subject “Annual Research Theater Laboratory”, which will include:


-Portrait photo

-Contact details (phone, email)

1st Annual Cycle

Diving – Part A.

– Redefining the trainee’s presence in the here and now.

– Discover the tools they have as performers (body, mind and emotion).

– Extension of the limits of physical and mental endurance

– Management of energy in various bodily acts.

– Detection of visible and invisible masks

– Return the self to the “zero point” or “white cloth”, where everything is recorded from the beginning.

-Intensive work with the center of the body to expand consciousness in movement and release of breath.

Alternation – Part A.

– Introduction to the relationship of the body with the sound it produces (embodied sound).

– Discovery of natural – primitive sound

– Strengthen the respiratory system and body speakers.

Production – Part A.

– Organization of the practical and theoretical material that has been collected and produced by the participants.

– Creation of personal training and presentation.

– Presentation of the documentary material that has been created in a directed composition.

2nd Annual Cycle

Diving – Part B.

– Development and implementation of personal training

– Introduction to the peer-to-peer teaching method

– Execution of personal training to younger trainees

Alternation – Part B.

– Development and implementation of personal training

– Introduction to the peer-to-peer teaching method

– Execution of personal training to younger trainees

– Connection of sound and breathing with physical activities

– Redefining the use of sound in song and speech

– Use of the text in relation to the body and the sound it produces

– Text score

– Speech

Production – Part B.

– Creating an ensemble performance

3rd Annual Cycle

Dimensional Actor

– Creation of a personal performance (solo performance)


Course: Theater of Research

Where: Fabrica Artspace

When: Every Wednesday or Thursday, 17:00 – 20:00

(The posted program is indicative. Those interested are kindly requested to contact the Fabrica Athens team for the hours of the classes, as they will be configured based on their own needs and will be able to range from morning, noon and afternoon. In addition, they have the opportunity creating closed sections with their familiar faces. All departments are small. Due to the special circumstances it is necessary to book a place by phone and to be informed 1 day in advance in case of cancellation. The sections that will be created will be closed and their configuration will be completed by the beginning of November. )

Cost: For packages and information contact us at the following details

Reservations: +30 6949409474 (by phone)

Information: researchtheater@gmail.com, 210 34 11 651 (Monday to Friday, 12:00 – 16:00).