[International Collaborations]: Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley in Athens

Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley in Athens

The multi-active group Fabrica Athens in relation to theater research implemented by the group and in association with Odin Teatret and Fondazione Barba Varley, has the honor of hosting, for the second time, the worldly acclaimed playman and director Eugenio Barba, along with the great actress, Julia Varley in a series of activities with the theme Difference| Art| Uprising that will take place in Athens, in September 2023.

Eugenio Barba is the founder of Odin Teatret, with which Fabrica Athens has been collaborating since 2018, and since 2022 and onwards functions as itinerant center for the newly-founded Fondazione Barba Varley.

The activities of the event Difference| Art| Uprising are kindly supported by the Italian Institute of Culture Athens (Istituto Italiano di Cultura Atene) with honorary guests and include a complete educational three-day workshop with Eugenio Barba, a unique masterclass with Julia Varley and a play titled Ave Maria by the famous director.

The event’s activities that will take place are a part of the 11th Handmade & Recycled Theater Festival, a festival-cornerstone for Fabrica Athens group that has being organized for 11 years in Kerameikos aiming to promote and inspire the meaning of handmade creation, also known as DIY, self-organizing, recycling of existing materials (both tangible and intangible) and low or zero budget solutions in performing and visual arts and in culture in general.

The activities that will take place in the event are listed below:

Three-day Educational Workshop with Eugenio Barba: Difference, Art, Uprising – My lives in Third Theater

The event is addressed to actors, dancers, directors, as well as to theorists, teachers, academics and scholars in Performing Arts.

  • Wednesday 20/9/2023

60 years of theater – Talk and Q&A with Eugenio Barba

  • Thursday 21/9/2023

Documentary movie screening named “Who is Eugenio Barba” by Magdalene Remoundou and Q&A with movie’s contributors

  • Friday 22/9/2023

Presentation of Eugenio Barba’s new book titled “My lives in Third Theater – Difference, Art, Uprising” translated by Evangelos and Kostas Vantzos from KAPA Publishing.

Learn more an book your spot here: https://www.more.com/cinema/ekpaideutiki-diimerida-me-ton-eugenio-barba-diafora-texni-ekpaideusi/

The Echo of Silence: Masterclass on vocal dramaturgy for actors and singers

The masterclass is addressed to actors and singers, performing arts theorists, members of the academic community etc. who wish to join as spectators.

Tuesday 19/9/2023
Learn more an book your spot here:

Ave Maria: Theater performance in memory of María Cánepa with Julia Varley directed by Eugenio Barba

20,21,22 of September 2023
Learn more an book your spot here:

Participation prices

Three-day educational workshop with Eugenio Barba: 40 Euros

The Echo of Silence – masterclass on vocal dramaturgy with Julia Varley:
Early Bird prices from 05/07/2023 until 18/08/2023
Participants: 60 Euros
Spectators: 30 Euros
Prices from 19/08/2023 until 18/09/2023
Participants: 80 Euros
Spectators: 40 Euros

Ave Maria – Theater performance with Julia Varley directed by Eugenio Barba: 15 euros

Organizing – Production: Multi-active Group of Art – Fabrica Athens

Project Coordinator: Kostas Vantzos

With the kind support of: Istituto Italiano di Cultura Atene (Italian Institute of Culture Athens)