[Crowdfunding]: Burglary of REKTIΦIE – Center for Mixed Performing Arts

[Crowdfunding]: Burglary of REKTIΦIE – Center for Mixed Performing Arts

After the touching response of the crowd to the announcement of the burglary of our new space, REKTIΦIE – Center for Mixed Performing Arts, and on the occasion of the start of this new venture, we created a crowdfunding option, available until the 15th of September 2023.


Fabrica Athens since its inception (2008) promotes the concepts of handmade and recyclable and DIY culture in culture and art. Our vision is to create a “house of culture” in which all performing and visual arts will meet and interact with each other, with the communities and the environment, with the aim of rectifying and redefining the relationship between them towards a more organic, sustainable, green, inclusive way of life and creation. This will be done through the culture of handmade and recyclable art, circular economy and participatory culture which are reflected in the group’s educational, social, research, artistic and cultural activities, and which are addressed to all people and groups, regardless of gender, age, social/economic/cultural background, etc.

What does Monday’s burglary mean for REKTIΦIE?

The wound after the break-in at REKTIΦIE on Monday night (July 17, 2023) is enormous for our team. The damage currently exceeds 8,000 euros and every day we discover new losses. All our tools, electrical systems and furniture that we prepared with personal labor, own contribution and help from friends were stolen. The remodeling of a space that operated for 60 years as a machine shop, into a place of culture is a lot of work. It is also anxiety, especially when the is no rent pause and you already working long hours and daily for over 3 months. It took, and still takes, a lot of energy, time and money to get REKTIΦIE ready, and the burglary is holding us back from making it happen in time for the 11th edition of the annual HRTFest, on September.


We invite you to contribute to the realisation of the vision of REKTIΦIE, by depositing any amount you wish to the following account:


Fabrica Athens

IBAN: GR 9802 6025 90000 1602 0176 0102


Reason: “DONATION – your name”

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support!