[2014]: «Pulp Fiction»

“A surreal fossil of the battle between the ” good” and the “bad”, a series of self-destructed characters. Heroes that wear the costume either of criminals or black tie or casual clothes. Truth, lie, God, Devil, Light, Darkness all starring together. A drunk dream. Some will wake up, others will continue leaving in their delusions..” […]

[2014]: I Insist

[2014]: I Insist Performance/ physical theater/ contemporary dance/aerial silks Vasia Tsotsou (solo) 17′ A solo inspired by the space of the political theory, a theatrical character at the final moment of the crisis, a soundless act and body in pain, seeking for oxygen in an un welcoming regularity, a hero that stands against the sense […]

[2014, 2015]: «Villa Utopia»

“The dream becomes nightmare so fast and the nightmare dream. Surely, you will have seen in your dream falling from somewhere high and just before you hit the ground you discover that you can fly…” The Panic Theater and Fabrica Athens present at Virsodepsio every Sunday, from the 14th of December 2014 until the 1st […]