[2018,2019]: Circus Variete

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[2018,2019]: Circus Variete

Circus Variety

Fatbutcute Circus welcomes you to the unforgettable weather of the Circus. Where for a fleeting moment the dream becomes life and life becomes a dream. A dream that we become children again and in front of us unfolds a bright, surreal world, made of love and stardust. A breathtaking encounter with creatures. Creatures hovering, swirling and balancing in the sky. An inverted reality, spinning galaxies, invisible protagonists and colorful stories of a forgotten secret.

What the show includes:

Soap bubbles

Aerial acrobatics



Ground Acrobatics


Hula Hoops

Cyr Wheel

German Wheel



Note: The variety of acts included in the show, as well as the number of artists that make it up, can be adjusted according to the needs of each organizer.

Director & Art Director: Fabrica Athens