[2018]: TOLERACE

erasmus+, youth exchange, theater, fabrica athens, mostar friedensprojekt, applied theater, εφαρμοσμένο θέατρο, ανταλλαγές νέων, εράσμους+, φάμπρικα
[2018]: TOLERACE
TOLERACE – How to organize a demonstration The “Race for Tolerance”

Program is an exchange of young people under the umbrella of Erasmus +, in which Fabrica Athens participated and co-organized with the German Organization Mostar Friedensprojekt. The group was responsible for the theatrical and artistic education of the participants. The main axis and reference point of the theatrical approach of the program and the tolerance was the theme “How to organize a demonstration – TOLERACE”. The program ended with the organization of a protest march in the center of Bremen and the creation of the poetic performance TOLERACE.

Learn more about the program and the experience of the new participants here.

Project Manager: Eggert Hardten

Direction – training: Babis Loukopoulos