[2017]: Voices

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[2017]: Voices
Voices – Theatrical analogy,Performance 

Throughout 2016-2017, the Theatrical Writing Workshop took place at the Fabrica Artspace with the playwright and screenwriter Penny Fylaktakis, a collaboration between Libron Editorial and Danzerin Dance Workshop. On the occasion of Alexandros Papadiamantis’s short story “Without a Wreath”, the participants created original solo works and adaptations, which were performed by the Fabrica Athens team in the form of A Theatrical Analogy – Performance.

The play had two parts and was presented on the Fabrica Theater Stage.



Mikes Glykas

Canary Seeds

Vangelis Karantzas

Katerina Markezini

Nontas Montzoureas

Theodora Stebari

Nikos Tsimaras

Maria Froudaraki

The team of authors

The participants of Penny Fylaktaki’s workshop Direction

Stefanos Lolos, Fenia Proveleggiou, George Triantaphyllidis