[2017]: Land without Man – In and Out

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Land without Man – In and Out
In and Out

“In and Out” is an annual Theatrical Youth Exchange, which since 2016 brings together a total of 20 young artists (and lovers of the performing arts) from Berlin and Athens. Every year, new, but also older participants, on the occasion of the theatrical research and creation, based on the respective theme, travel between the two urban centers.

It is a collaboration and an institution of the organizations Mostar Friedensprojekt e.V. and Multiactive Group of Art – Fabrica Athens which promotes the Greek-German cultural exchange and which equips young artists with tools useful both for their artistic career, as well as for their personal development and social integration.

During the 16 days of the program, young artists have the opportunity to attend a demanding physical theater training, based on the path of the “Research Theater”, a theatrical methodology introduced by the instructor, director and actor of Fabrica Athens, Fanis Holder.

Land without Man

In 2017, people with less opportunities (gang members and former inmates of penitentiaries) had the opportunity to participate in the program. The participants through the theme “Land without Man” were led to create a show, which was presented at the blackbox of the TheaterHaus Berlin Mitte in Berlin.

Project Manager: Eggert Hardten

Creative Director: Fanis Katechos

Coordinator: Joan Nino

Directors – Trainer: Fanis Katechos, Joan Nino