[2017]: Express it!

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[2017]: Express it!
Express it!

– Theater of the Oppressed Express it! EU + Immigration + Refugees was a 10-day youth exchange under the Erasmus + Program, which took place in Spain with 30 participants from 6 countries and organized by AJ INTER.

The multifunctional art group Fabrica Athens contributed to its fulfillment by undertaking the theatrical approach to the refugee, immigration and human issue in general. Through the theatrical practice of the “Research Theater” group and applied theater techniques, the participants came closer to themselves, to each other, but also to the theme of the program.

Theater of the Oppressed

At the end of the exchange, the participants, under the guidance of the group’s trainers, created a performance based on the theater of the oppressed, where the audience was given the opportunity to propose solutions and participate in the performance itself.

Project Manager: Jose Antonio Alvarez

Coordinator: Hande Demir

Directors – Trainer: Fanis Katechos, Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti