[2017, 2018]: Easter Island

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[2017, 2018]: Easter Island
Easter Island – Visual Performance

The basic subject of the narrative is the journey of the main heroine and the most important moments of her life and environment, intertwined with the basic stations of Greek history of the 20th century. The transitions of life… From her childhood in a mountain village and the experience of war in the big city, the seven years and the change of government.

From loneliness and introversion to young people, to large groups and the creation of her own family. From the normality that now dominates her life to the disease that will change her forever, it will transform her into something completely different and unexpected… The human body, as the main theme of the show, stands lonely and vulnerable, sick, transfused but does not succumb.

A visual representation that is divided into two parts, the Sculpture and the Transfiguration, complicates the dominant physical action with the limited speech and the musical reconstruction of traditional sounds by digital means, to capture our sexual need for a second chance, a revelation of the island Easter’s.

Director’s Note

The media, which compose each image on Easter Island, function as a transparency between the stage action and the spectators, like a window, blurred by the tusks of the people you pass by and look at unconsciously. So this “frost” elsewhere to harden the forms and elsewhere to smooth them and indiscretion to lead the viewer to clean the glass in places with his “palm”.


Conception – Direction – Art Editing: Lysandros Spetsieris

Actors: Eugenia Papageorgiou, Anna Papadaki, Lysandros Spetsieris

Song – Sound Design: Anna Papaioannou

Lighting Design: Michalis Kloukinas

Stage Design-Stage Design: Dimitra Marini

Costume Editing: Royal Wire Special Constructions: Alexandros Longos

Actors Training: Eugenia Papageorgiou

Assistant Director: Speri Kanata

Production Organization: Phaedra Chatzikostantis

Photos: Marios Vouros, Konstantina Gorgogianni

Trailer: Konstantina Gorgogianni