[2016]: Suddenly Last Summer

The multiactive art group Fabrica Athens presents the poetic theatrical text “Suddenly Last Summer” directed by Fenia Proveleggiou.

One of the most important works of the famous American author Tennessee Williams. “This World” You will never see the beast but only the showcase of S ‘a road where the higher lurks to coverThis World

You will never see the beast but only its window

On a street where the superior lurks to satisfy his hunger

And while you are fooling around with the lights – not the light, whether you are big or small

Scrambled, laughed, aged, you are enough

Another prey on his jaws

Here the different is sidelined by the like

Because the simple is complex and capable of entangling praise

The wrong notes in the right semitone

Let her make you her child at night

And I follow the cries that the mountaineer gives as a gift to the moon

He who weighs in the wind and has no secrets

The one who once hugged the human hand

But now he knows and goes into hiding, let the rifle not find him from the cartridge case

Alone and hungry when he feels forgotten

He lies in the invisible tired

And he remembers

When friends do not remember, the snake is imitated

And he does not sleep

When friends do not remember, the snake is imitated

And he does not sleep

And as if the day will come when he will find you with his eyes a raging storm, rain

It will unravel you wherever you have hidden

Wherever you climb, climb this human pyramid

And you will again become the voice that will take the beast out of the window with one hand, now kneeling in front of you

The lights go out and you see the light

And you feel brave, so does he

You and the wolf

And this world is in front of you

The double


Production: Fabrica Athens

Directed by:  Fenia Proveleggiou

Translation: Marios Ploritis


Maria Aliferi

Vassilis Zois

Natasha Koumi

Stefanos Lolos

Fani Mitsopoulou

Andromeda Sfakianou

Evita Fitsantonaki


Assistant Director: Andromeda Sfakianou, Natasa Koumi

Production Assistants: Natasa Koumi, Andromeda Sfakianou

Scenery Construction: Alachouzi Brothers

Art Direction: Tania Kakia, Tam

Artistic Associate / Costume Designer – Costume Design: Lamprini Nanou

Lighting Design: Vassilis Klotsotiras

Music Composition: Andromeda Sfakianou

Mixing Sound Design Mastering (and trailer): Groundzero Sound & Design

Performance trailer: 360 °

Photos: Vangelis Evangeliou

Responsible Dim. Relations: Michalis Vourkos (

Thanks for the support: Konstantina Aidoni, Iliana Gotzaridis, Thodori, Fani Katecho, Christos Dibra, Deniz Proveleggiou, Rami, Nikol Stavrogiannopoulou, George Triantaphyllidis, Zisi Tsoumpos, Npotikos Hatzidis, Popi Hatiladis


Germanikou 20, Metaxourgio, Athens Post Code 104 35

Performance Day & Hours:

every Saturday and Sunday at 21:15 from February 20, for 16 performances.

Performance duration: 105 ‘

Prices: Normal: 12 €, Reduced: 8 €

Pre-sale: Theater Funds,, in Public, Seven Spots, Papasotiriou, Ianos, Reload, Media Markt stores.

Information – reservations: (+30) 6988032942

official facebook page: Suddenly Last Summer



Buses: 500 (Thermopylae stop), 790 (Zenonos stop)

Sponsors: HVNT, God’s Barber, DarkSideTattooSociety, Groundzero Sound & Desing, Athens Vibe, Kakia-Proveleggios Optics, Hoodfellas Graphics-Stickers, BigDog