[2014]: «Pulp Fiction»

“A surreal fossil of the battle between the ” good” and the “bad”, a series of self-destructed characters. Heroes that wear the costume either of criminals or black tie or casual clothes. Truth, lie, God, Devil, Light, Darkness all starring together. A drunk dream. Some will wake up, others will continue leaving in their delusions..”

Director: Fenia Provelegiou
Assistant director: Kyriaki Mitsou

Translation, theatrical adaption: Babis Loukopoulos
Videoart director, Video Installation, Visual Effects: Cognition Films
Music and Sound Design: Pure Form
Scenography, light design: Panagiotis Dimouleas
Carpenter: Vangelis Damigos
Costumes: Marilena Radou, Marilou Katsoni
Special Effects: Solon Giannoutsos
Recording  and Sound Mastering: Groundzero Sound and Design
Program and the Poster’s Photos: Iosif Alexiadis
Poster and the Program’s Design: Elz
Projector operator: Cognition Films
The clothing of the actors was curated by the Karavan Clothing and HUNT.

Dimitris Arrianos, Dimitris Drossos, Nikos Thomas, Kostis Kechagiadakis, Ilias Kovanis, Natassa Koumi, Babis Loukopoulos, Thanasis Nikolakopoulos, Semina Panigyropoulou, Andromeda Sfakianou, Giorgos Triantafyllidis, Don Christodoulou
Guest star: Tasos Tziviskos
Promo Video
Photos: Antonia Canta, Yama Suki, George Panigyropoulos, Theano Manoudaki