[2013]: “I love you I hate you

Σ' αγαπώ σε Μισώ - Fabrica Athens

Based on the comedy by Dario Fo «Coppia Aperta» and Franka Rame

Does marriage kill love? What is happening when two people in the age of 30 have to take decisions in order to save their relationship?  When “we” becomes “me”, everything is turned upside down in the marital life and each one in his own way tries to force himself to the other. Oppression, jealousy, insecurity, fear, loneliness, disappointment take over their feelings. Love becomes their nightmare. Will they be able to co-exist?

Director: Fanis Katehos
Set design: Dimitris Preve
Music: Lia Hide
Movement: Vangelis Pitsilos
Photos: Iakovos Avdoulos
Copy editing: Vasia Tsotsou
Assistant director: Fenia Provellengiou
Carpenter: Sifis Mantadakis
Cast: Alexandros Zouridakis, Athina Koutsianouli