[2011]: «Shopping And F***ing»

Shopping and F***ing - Fabrica Athens
[2011]: «Shopping And F***ing»

The interdisciplinary art group Fabrica Athens introduces itself to the Athenian audience and presents its first theatrical production with the title: “shopping & f***ing”.
The play by the British writer Mark Ravenhill, rewrites itself for the Greek reality of 2011 in an absolute realistic way.

Heroes impulsive and out of limits, seeking for happiness in the luxury of dust, filled with short-term delights. They get addicted, they consume and they are being consumed. Victims of their polluted lack of awareness and prisoners  of the “fast” and “cheep”, they trash love, dreams and hoped inside plastic bags. They nurture their existence with drugs and the experiment in homosexuality and everything that could lead them to living on the edge, while finally leading them to the absolute dead end.

Writer : Mark Ravenhill
Translation: Babis Loukopoulos (BABS)
Director: Fabrica Athens
Coaching: Gilles Foreman
Assistant Directors: Kyriaki Mitsou, Stefanos Lolos (members of the group FabricaAthens)
Electronic music design: Iraklis Isaias, Giannis Amolochitis
Set, Costumes: FabricaAthens
Puppets: Fey Reizidou
Light desing: Spiros Papatriantafyllou
Photos: Emmanouela Kyriakopoulou, JerryArtis
VideoArt: FabricaAthens
Graphic design: JerryArtis
Production: FabricaAthens
Communication manager: Vasia Tsotsou

Fanis Katehos, Marilena Radou, Pavlos Melikidis, Nektarios Dimitrakopoulos, Giannis Giannakopoulos