[2009]: “The City”

[2009]: “The City”

In one house-the same every time-that moves from city to city, two characters try desperately to gain memory. Him through her, her though the city.

Every time the clock strikes 8.30pm, a dinner table served with lobster mayonnaise, asparagus and champagne, would be a good sign.

But when the guest to this dinner shows up… Who will feel full and who would be the most convincing dead?

A triple one man show-three lonely “ghosts” in a battle of eating each other, with the font of a city. Like a reverse Russian roulette, each one of them tries to find the filled chamber for the other one.

Directed, set and light design by Fabrica.

Cast: Thanasis Kouvousis, Georgia Marinakou and Stefanos Lolos