[2009]: “Cain’s children”

Fabrica Athens
[2009]: “Cain’s children”

An actor, Ilias and a writer, Grigois, are inseparable friends and flat mates for four years. This very strong male friendship is violently falls apart. Three years passed by until they meet again. The occasion is a professional collaboration. Grigoris invites Ilias to his new house to read together his new play, in which he wish his old friend to star in. At this meeting all the crew of the new show will be present. But, he invites his friend two hours before hand, without telling him why. A meeting of the two that lasts as much as the show. During which the human relations reach their edge and at some point they pass through them. A huge writing success by Andreas Thomopoulos.

Director: Vasilis Aslanidis
Set-Costumes: Katerina Kampanelli
Music: Giannis Zouganelis
Cast: Fanis Katehos, Vasilis Giakoumaros
Special guest the violist Odysseas Zafeiropoulos

The play was first on at the National Theater 1984, after having been awarded by the Ministry of Culture.