2. Call for Participation ǀ Limits – Theatrical Youth Exchange

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  1. Call for Participation ǀ Limits – Theatrical Youth Exchange

    The Multi-Active Art Group Fabrica Athens and the German organization Mostar Friedensprojekt invite young men and women from Greece and Germany to the 6th Theatrical Youth Exchange “In and Out”.

    Since 2016, every autumn 20 young, rising artists meet in Athens and Berlin for two eight-day theatrical research and creation workshops. In less than 15 days, the participants from both countries, on the occasion and guided by the art of theater, meet each other, research and collaborate to create a performance inspired by the theme of the program. For 2021 the theme of the exchange is entitled “LIMIT S”.


    “Limits” in Greek ‘’Oria ‘’

    Limits- boundaries predetermined or set by ourselves, in ourselves, in the world, in others. Social, physical, geographical, spiritual boundaries that separate, but also they are on the edge of the known. Jumping over the limits, to the unknown, seems salvation, ideal and a new limit. We will explore all these manifestations of boundaries through theatrical practice. The purpose is to recognize our limits and non-limits and to move in and out of them, individually, but also collectively as a team.

    More specific

    The theme of the theatrical exchange “LIMIT S” will be approached through the path of the Research Theater, drawn by the trainer, director and actor of Fabrica Athens, Fanis Katechos. The workshops of the seminar will be suggested by him, but also by the performer and trainer of the team, Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti. Walking in it, the participants will work among other things in the following:

    • Synthesis of inseparable bonds between the individuals of a set
    • Extension of the limits of physical and mental endurance
    • Expansion of physical consciousness (body, sound, music) and two-way concentration, redefining the relationship with the environment and its objects.
    • Management of energy in a variety of physical acts
    • Familiarity of the affinity of the breath with the sound produced by the body and the use of speech.
    • Structured research and creation of material towards the artistic / theatrical composition
    • Finding the personal role in a group, taking responsibilities and completing the corresponding actions
    • Practical and theoretical research and experimentation, leading to decision making and the creation of original projects – actions

    The organizers of the program, aware of the current pandemic, will take into account all the health measures set by the competent bodies of Greece and Germany for the best and safest experience of the participants.

    The program will take place September 4 – 11 in Athens and September 13 – 20 in Berlin. The presence of participants in both parts of the program is essential. Young people and adults up to 30 years old, with an interest in the performing arts, professionals or not, can apply.

    “In and Out” is funded and is a cornerstone of the Hellenic-German Youth Foundation. The program covers the attendance of the fortnightly theatrical training, the travel expenses to and from the host country, as well as the accommodation, food and travel expenses in it. The cost of contribution of the participants in the program amounts to 40 euro.

    Application form

    Those interested are kindly requested to send an application form to researchtheater@gmail.com with the subject “Limits – Application Form”, which includes the following:

    • Curriculum vitae
    • Reason you wish to participate in the program.
    • Photo Portrait
    • Contact Information: telephone, email address

    Applications will be accepted until Friday, August 20. The answers will be given until Sunday, August 22. For more information about the Theatrical Youth Exchange Program “LIMIT S” you can contact the above email address or visit the website of Fabrica Athens www.fabricaathens.gr.