[17/09/2015]: Theater Workshop in Our Festival

Θεατρικό Workshopο - Fabrica Athens
Theater Workshop in Our Festival
The multiactive art group Fabrica Athens invites you to a theatrical seminar open to those who have and those who have not previous experience in the theater.

Research theater- Research theater

Trainer- Fanis Katechos


Through this cycle of meetings, research from different theatrical techniques and methods will be carried out from the beginning in order to give birth to a new code of theatrical behavior and action. With references to Stanislavski, Grotowski, Eugenio Barba, Peter Brook, Suzuki, as well as acrobatic and street theater techniques, we will come in contact with a new way of creating.

The team will be trained in body plasticity, in dynamic acrobatics, will come in contact with the art of stilts, embodied speech, exploring the horizon of imagination and constructing new theatrical exercises that will be created through it.

Curriculum vitae

Graduate of the drama school of Iakovos Kampanellis. He continued his studies in England with Giles Foreman at the Center for Acting (2009) and at the Grotowski Institute in Poland (2010). He also trains with the Astragali Teatro (2012) and attends a series of seminars at the Moscow Territorium in Russia (2013). It is taught by Raul Iaiza (2012, 2015) at the Regula Contra Regulam Theater and by Roberta Carreri (2015) at the Odin Teatre. As a teacher he collaborates with the theater academy Nazim Hitmek Academy in Istanbul (2013), with the architecture department of the University of Alicante (2013) and the theatrical Laboratory of the Fabrica Artspace (2014,2015). He has starred and directed several plays. He is a founding member of the Fabrica Athens group and the inspirer of the Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival. He deals with the art of stilts and street theater. Since 2013 he has been teaching theatrical methods and continues to be taught.